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    Mini PC

    Hi all,
    I am going to buy a mini pc for business.Do you have any good recommendation for me! My budget is 450$~500$.anyone know??
    Thanks in advance!!

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    shelley88 Guest
    hmmm, maybe there will have a lot of choose for your to purchase a mini pc
    I ususlally bought some electronics from the local place .but now I prefer to buy on the line .
    As I think that there have a lots kind of electronics supply on the line .I just need to choose it .and I feel that this kind of shopping is very excited and fashion for the young people.
    I have same experiences to buy thins on the line.
    sometimes I found that this is a new way to buy it .
    and I bought the mini pc from this website which comes from china

    here is a picture
    hmmm. better life and better machines.

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