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Thread: SanDisk SSD 240gb not detectable on laptop

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    SanDisk SSD 240gb not detectable on laptop

    I have installed SanDisk SSD 240gb in my Pavilion dv6-1362dx some days ago and am having SATA AHCI Mode enabled. I did not had any issue during the installation but I donít know what went wrong with it today morning. When I turned it on then I got an error message saying "Operating System not found". I am having windows xp installed on it, I have tried rebooting my laptop a number of times and have reseated SSD again making sure that there is no issue with the connection part but no avail. I am still getting the same error message. I donít have much data in ssd as I took backup of all crucial data in it. I wonít mind formatting the drive and reinstalling windows on it but I wanted to know if there is anything else that I can try out rather than that, I have kept reinstallation of windows as my last option.

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    Re: SanDisk SSD 240gb not detectable on laptop

    I will like to inform you that there are different causes for the error you are getting, it can occur because of the below things:
    • Your bios is not detecting your SSD
    • Your SSD has turned faulty
    • Sector 0 of your ssd is not proper or it is having malformed MBR (master boot record)
    • It might be having incompatible partition which might be Active
    • Partition containing MBR might not be active

    You can try out the below things for fixing the issue:
    1. Go in to your bios and see if your ssd is being recognized by it or not, if not then try to reset it and see if thatís making any difference. If it doesnít gets recognized after that then you will have to contact the manufacturer
    2. You can try using fixmbr command via Windows XP Recovery Console for repairing MBR of the startup partition. You can go through the below articles for getting better idea of Recovery Console:
      Description of the Windows XP Recovery Console
      How to install and use the Recovery Console in Windows XP

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    Re: SanDisk SSD 240gb not detectable on laptop

    No there is nothing wrong with the ssd, I havenít tried out the solution that you have mentioned above but I changed my mind and went ahead with reinstalling windows. I simply formatted the drive and reinstalled windows xp on the same. Later I installed all recommended updates and things were working fine. Now after installing all the updates and making a reboot I started getting "Boot device not found" error message. I am really getting irritated now, I mean two back to back errorís after reinstalling windows? I am quite sure that the error occurred after installing windows update. I didnít had any issue as such before installing them. I had tested out my laptop by turning it on and off after installing windows xp, just to make sure that I donít get "Operating System not found" error message again. Anyways is there anything I can try out further for solving this new error message??

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    Re: SanDisk SSD 240gb not detectable on laptop

    I have checked about the same and have found possible solution for fixing the mentioned error message and they are as followed:
    • Reset the BIOS default settings.
    • Reseat the hard drive.
    • Run HP Hard Disk Test.
    • Respond to ĎHard Disk Not Existí message.
    • Recover the operating system.

    You can just refer to this article for performing all of the mentioned workarounds, bet of luck. Do let me know if thing works fine after following any of them.

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