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Thread: Changing ink country of HP printer

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    Changing ink country of HP printer

    I have a HP printer with me at my home. I used to live in Mumbai, India and recently I moved to Liverpool, England. I took my HP printer along with me and I unpacked it after reaching the residential area there. After using the printer for few days, the ink in it is finished. I went to the local computer store and asked if they provide d new cartridge for the printer. He took the model name and gave me refill cartridge. I took the cartridge home and tried to put in the printer but it wouldn’t fit. In India, I used to have HP74 and 75 cartridges for my printer, but in England, I am getting HP 350 and 351 cartridges. Can someone tell me what to do in such cases?

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    Re: Changing ink country of HP printer

    This is a common issue that makes the HP printers region suited. The size of cartridge will be different for almost every continent and sometimes will also change from country to country. If the region which you have taken your HP printer to has a service centre or HP store, you can contact the respective person in charge to change the configuration of the printer necessary according to the region you are currently residing in. I am sure the technicians there will help you to sort out your problems.

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    Re: Changing ink country of HP printer

    You can yourself too manually adjust the printer according to the preferences for the region the HP printer supports. Generally every HP printer has these settings in it. All you have to do is to access the special menu and ten press ‘Cancel’ and ‘Power’ button at the same time. Now you will need to enter the combo which is sequence of Blue, Green and Grey buttons presses after each other. Now another support menu will be seen. Here you will have an option to reset the printer which can be found by some browsing. Reset the printer. After it starts again, it will let us choose language, select, English (Europe) or anything that is related to it. This will set your printer according to European settings.

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