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Thread: Low internet speed on MSI AE2050

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    Low internet speed on MSI AE2050

    I brought MSI AE2050 for my home use and I have been using from past week. After starting to use it, I have noticed that I donít get download speed as I used to get before. I have an internet connection that gives me 100 mbps download speed. I think that the network card of MSI AE2050 is not powerful enough to handle high speed internet like I have subscribed to. I wanted to know if the speed of internet will improve if I change the network card in MSI AE2050.

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    Re: Low internet speed on MSI AE2050

    I wonít suggest you to change the network card as the MSI AE2050 have a laptop like built which makes it difficult to have network card detached and attached. Also with laptop built, you will need to find the right part or maybe the part which has been designed specifically for MSI AE2050. I think that MSI AE2050 is not built to handle such a high speed internet.

    You can try subscribing for an internet plan that provides lower speed than you get at present. This will give you download speed as per the plan. At least you will save the money on high speed internet. You should have checked for the specifications before you purchased MSI AE2050.

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    Re: Low internet speed on MSI AE2050

    I think that there must be some softwares or applications that must be using interne which must be consuming bandwidth and stopping you from using it for main downloads. Since MSI AE2050 comes with preinstalled applications and some anti-virus, these must be consuming the bandwidth. Also if you are using torrents for downloading, then let me tell you that in torrent software you usually get lower speed than that is mentioned in the plan by the ISP. You will need to verify each and every software and application and monitor their settings.

    Disable the unwanted features of the applications that need internet. Disable the unwanted updates and other such bandwidth consuming features.

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    Re: Low internet speed on MSI AE2050

    Since you havenít mentioned which region you live in, maybe the ISP must have reduced the download speed you get. You canít completely assume that MSI AE2050 is responsible for low internet speed. I suggest that you should also consult your ISP and discuss this problem with the concerned person. Maybe MSI AE2050 needs different configuration for getting full download speed. Yu can ask your ISP to send a technician who will attend this matter and solve your problem.

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