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Thread: New Hp All in One Ivy bridge Desktops are worth to buy

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    New Hp All in One Ivy bridge Desktops are worth to buy

    Hp just released two new desktop based on Intel Ivy bridge processors. They are some models under Omni series. The desktop had good specification and I am willing to get one of them. But there are certain doubts related to all-in-on desktops. First of all it is comfortable to have a desktop system with good touch interface and widescreen support. But think get stuck on upgrades.

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    Re: New Hp All in One Ivy bridge Desktops are worth to buy

    Why you need to worry about upgrade on Ivy Bridge processor. They are already high end. Omni desktop are quiet good with better specification and widescreen support.

    I had seen the specification which shows 23'" touchscreen and Intel Core i Series processor. They are enough good for your personal entertainment and gaming needs.

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    Re: New Hp All in One Ivy bridge Desktops are worth to buy

    They are costly product but featured. Stylish design gives them awesome look with good interface. There are three models under this new Omni series. They are HP Omni 27" PC, HP Omni 220 and HP Omni 120. Three of them are better and fine. The screen is size offer you 27" widescreen (diagonally). It is not a simple desktop but more then that. It is your entire media pack which offer you a tv tuner card support and hdmi connector. Along with this the all in one desktop also has wifi and Bluetooth. So it does not looks that there is a need for adding up additional stuff to the same. The desktop feature good hardware support also.

    The last specification I saws shows that this desktop support around 2Tb of internal storage and wall mount support. You can simply visit hp site to find what features does this desktop pc offers. About the hardware specs I can only provide the following information. HP Omni 27 offers you 2nd Generation Intel Core i5-2400S Processor with wifi keyboard and mouse. The design is superb with great quality of video output. The desktop has nice touchscreen support which makes it easy to use and from performance point of view the desktop is great.

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    Re: New Hp All in One Ivy bridge Desktops are worth to buy

    All models under Omni series are awesome. You do not need to worry about upgrades. They are costly products. You can try having a look on HP Omni 220 and 120 which are bit low config and cheaper.

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    Re: New Hp All in One Ivy bridge Desktops are worth to buy

    Hp Omni 120 has AMD E450 dual-core7 processor while 220 has Intel Core i7 quad core cpu. I will not recommend you to go for the lower series. The best one is Hpo Omni 27 which has bigger size and Intel Core i5 cpu. There is no need to check for i7 also. To get complete idea on this three models you will need to check the specification in detail before buying it. All of them are designed to give you hd content on your screen. You can playback media files and make it work better. The price of this series lies above $650. You need to check the specs in detail to find the correct output. What I found that this specs is better and you do not require to worry about the upgrades. I hope there is better graphics output provided on the same so that you can enjoy latest games. But the price might change on the basis of stuff you add while buying.

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