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Thread: Windows 7 is lagging due to Seagate St3000dm001-9yn166

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    Windows 7 is lagging due to Seagate St3000dm001-9yn166

    Always whenever I go on to do a multiple task onto my windows 7 machine the system lags and becomes too slow without any reason. Mostly it happens when I am performing task like coping data to another hard drive, accessing internet, browsing something, playing game and so on. The computer becomes so slow that I can actually see the process in frames which moves on each and every second. To be frank I seriously do not have any idea what exactly is causing the problem but i feel that it is my Seagate St3000dm001-9yn166 the main cause of the problem as I have recently installed this hard drive into my windows 7 64 bit computer machine. Before installing this HDD everything was fine and working well. Anyone have any idea about this issue. just let me know at least is the main reason for such lagging issue.

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    Re: Windows 7 is lagging due to Seagate St3000dm001-9yn166

    Somewhere I managed to get a help from the Seagate technical support. When I encountered the lagging trouble the first thing I did was called up Seagate Tech support. Like you even I had the same doubt running around in my mind so I called them and asked for a suggestion. They did guide me with resolving the issue. They told me to format the hard disk. While I was formatting the disk they were on call and guided with each and every single step. Later on after I updated the drivers everything went fine. I was able to access the computer very well with no lag problem even after opening multiple application and tasks. They say that the problem was with my hard drive data which was need to be refreshed and this is what I did with their help. Now everything is fine.

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    Re: Windows 7 is lagging due to Seagate St3000dm001-9yn166

    The problem not always remains the same. Lagging or computer can be due to multiple reasons other than the hard drive trouble. And if in case, the problem is due to the HDD then it is not necessary that formatting may resolve the issue. I too have the same lag issue in my computer. Before blaming the hard drive first I inspected my entire computer system. Later on when I tried to reproduce the issue I found that the computer was working fine even after opening up apps and performing multiple tasks. But just after I tried performing a hard drive operation the problem automatically got recreated as same as previously.

    Overall I mean to say that the lag issue in a windows computer system is definitely due to the HDD but only if you are having a Seagate St3000dm001-9yn166 and if you are performing any operation with this HDD.

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    Re: Windows 7 is lagging due to Seagate St3000dm001-9yn166

    If formatting the hard drive doesnít resolve your issue then I think the problem is bit serious. You canít really make out the hdd problem easily if there is anything like lagging and all. The only way to know the problem is to do various tests. The best thing is that you are running a windows operating system so you can easily run certain tools to test your hard drive. Firstly I would like to suggest you try HDD Health then run smart (enable it). Run all the tests in seatools and see whether the test shows a positive result or end up giving a negative result. This might help you to know the condition of your hdd.

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    Re: Windows 7 is lagging due to Seagate St3000dm001-9yn166

    Look I am not sure but I guess by managing the sector boundaries with the physical sectors of your hard drive may help you. Not with the Seagate drive but I did had such freezing issue with a western digital hard drive. The most common solution for lagging and freezing issue with any of the hard drive is to align the sector division that is made in the hard drive. I do not have much idea about the condition of your drive but if you look into the sector division of your drive and manage it then I guess the problem can be resolved.

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