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Thread: Windows 7 installation in AHCI mode on Sandisk Extreme ssd gives Blue screen error

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    Windows 7 installation in AHCI mode on Sandisk Extreme ssd gives Blue screen error

    Firstly I purchased a 120GB Sandisk Extreme ssd and installed it in my IP35 intel machine. Now the problem is with the windows installation on this hard drive. From past one week I am trying to install windows 7 OS onto my drive. In fact, I installed Windows 7 64bit but later on after the successful installation I found a blue screen error. Let me tell you that I installed the OS with SP1 and I did it in AHCI mode.

    I actually get a BSOD without any reason. To be frank I have no much idea about such issue but even then just for a testing purpose I tried my hands in resolving the issue. One of my friends told me to install ICH9 AHCI drivers but unfortunately that didnít help at all. Anyways I am done from my side and now I need your help in getting out of the mess so please anyone who is well aware of such kind of problem just let me know with a suitable solution.

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    Re: Windows 7 installation in AHCI mode on Sandisk Extreme ssd gives Blue screen error

    At least I have a relief that I am not the only one facing this problem. With no difference even I am getting the same problem. Seems like windows 7 installation on Sandisk SSDs is nowhere compatible for each other. After the installation nothing happened directly I was given a BSOD. Although my Extreme SSD is 240GB, I have no option or concession given on this issue.

    Interestingly I tried my hands not just on AHCI mode but after nothing worked for me I decided to go for trying IDE mode which surprisingly worked very well. Overall after all my research and experiment I can only say that installing windows 7 or maybe any windows OS on Sandisk Extreme SSD in AHCI mode is surely going to create problem about BSOD. Whereas if you trying the same installation with enabling IDE mode then everything works with an ease. However I am still working on the issue but havenít got any proper way for installing Windows 7 in AHCI mode on this Extreme SSD.

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    Re: Windows 7 installation in AHCI mode on Sandisk Extreme ssd gives Blue screen error

    OK! There are few things that you need to try out in your machine in order to get a clear picture of the problem. But before you try anything let me first know more about your issue. Does the issue appears during the installation of the windows 7 OS or it occurs during starting up the system after the installation of the OS? BSOD occurring at two different occasions are mainly due to two different reasons. Depending upon your answer I can surely help you out the best way possible but anyways there are few more tricks that you can perform just as a trial and error.

    • Firstly look into the BIOS of your machine and then into the BIOS settings make sure that SATA AHCI mode is enabled properly.
    • If its enabled exit from the BIOS settings and now try your hands with some hardware replacements. I mean, switch your SATA cable and port with a different SATA cable and SATA port.

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    Re: Windows 7 installation in AHCI mode on Sandisk Extreme ssd gives Blue screen error

    Yeah thatís true. BSOD at different occasions happens for different reason. Now in your case if its happening at the time of the installation then no doubt it is due to the memory problem and if its happening after the completion of the installation during the time of restart machine then definitely there is something wrong with the installation itself and therefore reinstalling is the only and the best solution for it. Make sure that first you do a secure erase and only then reinstall the OS. For secure erase better you search for HDD erase first and then with the help of this do a secure erase.

    But if the BSOD is occurring during the time of installation it then as I already said that memory could be one of the major reasons but you can confirm it only after doing certain test. Perform a Memtest 86; this program helps you to test the memory of your system. Try this program and then let me know the result.

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    Re: Windows 7 installation in AHCI mode on Sandisk Extreme ssd gives Blue screen error

    Here I am with a full fledged solution for this same problem occurring in my machine too. I didnít waste my time at all while facing this problem. When I faced the BSOD problem with the installation of windows 7 64bit SP1 on Extreme SSD in AHCI mode I simply called up the Tech support of Sandisk and asked them to clear the issue. I must say they are really good in resolving any problem. I explained them the issue and directly they suggested me to switch the operation setting of BIOS SATA from AHCI to ATA. Then after doing this thing I was told to again try installing windows 7 onto the SSD. I did exactly the same and now everything is fine. I am getting no more BSOD error. if you want to get out of the problem just try my suggestion.

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