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Thread: Cannot support Trim on LINUX error with Sandisk Extreme SSD

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    Cannot support Trim on LINUX error with Sandisk Extreme SSD

    Hey guys, I desperately need your opinion and view here in this thread. Is it really true that Sandisk Extreme SSD TRIM is not supported on LINUX? If itís really true then I am into a big mess now as I have recently purchased a 128GB Extreme SSD without knowing well about all its features and support. Itís actually not my fault, I am a genuine user of Sandisk from long time and I trust them all the way. When I ordered this SSD I was told that it is support by all the operating system, therefore I didnít go for doing specific enquiry and I simply ordered one last week. Now after the delivery when I attached the SSD to my Linux system I found that TRIM was not supportable by Linux which is now quite annoying for me. I read this information on web, not just read but also I personally experienced the same so undoubtedly TRIM is not supported by Linux. I am really helpless. Please guys help me out and let me know the exact information. Am I missing something during the installation of the SSD which is showing me such problem? Please do not suggest me to switch to some other OS; I am not going to that in any case.

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    Re: Cannot support Trim on LINUX error with Sandisk Extreme SSD

    Even I have noticed this thing in my friends Linux system. Even he bought a Sandisk SSD and now facing the same problem. When he informed me about the problem the first thing I did was contacted the tech support of Sandisk and explained them the issue. I was shocked to see that there were not even able to give me a proper clarification about why we were facing the problem, just told me that they are looking into the issue thatís it. The only thing upsets me more is the Sandisk SSDís detail information, you can clearly read there about the OS compatibility; they say that all Operating system are compatible with its SSD. In fact, they also specified certain names like Linux, Unix, windows etc that are easily installable on sandisk SSD. I have really no idea what exactly is going on with Sandisk.

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    Re: Cannot support Trim on LINUX error with Sandisk Extreme SSD

    Before the discussion go further let me explain bit about TRIM, I am sure most of the people might be misunderstand TRIM. If you learn you will notice that TRIM is actually supported by the Extreme SSD but itís the OS that difference, some OSs do support this ATA command smoothly where as some do not support it all the way. Most it is always recommended to first check the compatibility between the OS and TRIM and only then go for the further process of buying the SSD, like in your case you should have first checked whether your OS supports TRIM, if it supports then most probably the SSD also should have no problem with the TRIM. There are lots of thing regarding Linux that I think you should know, if you are a long time user of Linux then you must know that Linux has never been a high saturated Operating system.

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    Re: Cannot support Trim on LINUX error with Sandisk Extreme SSD

    Hey, I did have the same problem but fortunately I found the solution, I mean I got a proper clarification from the support center. There are certain things that you need to make sure before you go for installing the SSD into your machine.

    1. Firstly in your SATA mode of your motherboard BIOS select the AHCI option
    2. For the installation the SSD you should definitely have a Linux Kernel installed in your machine also you should have an opt for ext4 file system
    3. After the SSD installation for enabling TRIM edit the fstable file and then add up the instruction discard and noatime. Save everything and done

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