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Thread: How to make pc performance more better

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    How to make pc performance more better

    What can be done to make a pc work smoother. I have a desktop which is quiet old but it has dual core cpu and I had just recently added 2 gb of ram. Still the performance is not better. I thought by adding up some ram might make it proper. Now a friend told me to use SSD in that. I can afford a drive if the performance is better for long run only. Or else it will be waste to upgrade a older system.

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    Re: How to make pc performance more better

    There are many things you can do here. First it is not required that you have to make changes on hardware level. You can also check on software level. Like if you just need the system for basic purpose you can install Linux and leave the system. Linux is a light weight operating system that does not consume heavy system resource. Second if you do not want to change your OS then just check that what all applications are running in your system. Stop those which are not needed. If possible reformat your system and install only the require app.

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    Re: How to make pc performance more better

    First thing if you want a smoother, faster and reliable system switch to Linux. Get any latest version of Linxu Distro and install that in your system. That's all. You will neither require any kind of driver update, nor there is need to install any kind of additional support to make your each and every hardware work. The upcoming Linux Distro are very comfortable to use and you do not require to worry about working in terminal. Also the software manager provides you all linux updates at regular time interval.

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