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Thread: What models are available under LED Projectors

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    What models are available under LED Projectors

    Can anyone recommend me good LED Projector. Those are quiet nice in screen output in comparison to regular one. I have a mid range budget for this. I need some model which can give vibrant output in sunlight also. I had seen regular projector fades when there is more light in the room. I had seen some models on ebay but they do not look branded. I need a portable one which is easy to carry and use. And it would be far more better if there is a model which comes with TV tuner support.

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    Re: What models are available under LED Projectors

    Check ASUS P1 Portable LED Projector. It is nice small project which can be use for all basic office work. It offers maximum 1280x800 pixel resolution which looks quiet enough. The best thing about this projector is its size. It is very small and easily fits in your regular bag. Also this projector is very simple to use and easy to connect. I will not say this is one of the best for maximum resolution you can have, but it is enough portable and easy to carry also.

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    Re: What models are available under LED Projectors

    LED projectors are costly today but in coming time they might became cheaper. The reason is, LED projectors are more eco friendly. They do not contain mercury and provide rich video feature. But you must not increase the video size to larger or keep the projector far from your screen. The more near you can fix it, the more clear image you can get. LED projectors are portable too with additional features like usb support. There are very less models yet available in this.

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