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Thread: Corsair GS500 Gaming PSU is very costly

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    Corsair GS500 Gaming PSU is very costly

    Corsair is selling its new range of gaming psu @ Rs. 4,300.00. Don't you guys think this is costly. If you spend around 4000 on psu only then your system budget will go above 30k in my view. Because no one likes to compromise with monitor quality and gpu. It is said that this psu is built for high end gaming. I am using my default psu from last 2 years with sli gpu support and it worked fine.

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    Re: Corsair GS500 Gaming PSU is very costly

    Corsair provides nice products for heavy systems. Either you are making a gaming or a system based on overclocking your can blindly go for Corsair PSU. In my view it is not so costly. As you get a wide fan as an extra support for heat control. What matters is that your psu must not fail at the time of usage, which damages system most. I had seen many system failed due to poor psu support. You need to find the right specification for that to get the right cheap smps. And if you do not want to waste time in that simply go for corsair.

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    Re: Corsair GS500 Gaming PSU is very costly

    Even I will not recommend you to go for low range psu. Because gaming pc needs good power resource as there are gpu, multiple hardware which needs more power at the time of usage. Any brand of psu above 440w is more than enough according to me. It is not necessary that you should only buy corsair. There are many other manufacturers which provides similar hardware on cheaper rates.

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