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Thread: Best aftermarket cooler for Evga GTX 460 SC EE

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    Best aftermarket cooler for Evga GTX 460 SC EE

    I was using some other video card earlier (I donít remember the exact model number of it). It was fried and was not under warranty, hence I purchased new graphic card which is GTX 460 SC EE. However I found that it is getting heated very quickly, and i found that cooling system does not seems to sufficient. So now i decided to buy a new cooling option for my system.

    Can you guys let me know what are the aftermarket cooling options available for me. Thanks a lot in advance for any suggestion.

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    Re: Best aftermarket cooler for Evga GTX 460 SC EE

    There are various cooler brands available in the market, but I would recommend that you should go for Arctic Cooling Twin Turbo Pro cooler. I let you know that its quite bigger, if you are running out of space in your cabinet then you can try Zalman also. In my opinion, you will see huge difference in GPU temperature as compared to cooler that you had installed on the system.

    While using any of above mentioned cooler you should take care that good balanced should be maintained between intake and exhaust airflow. Without doing that there will not be any much difference into the situation.

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    Re: Best aftermarket cooler for Evga GTX 460 SC EE

    Before I say something I would like to know are you using SLI? If yes then I would recommend using Thermalright spitfire. You should place this cooler at the top of the graphic card and it should be oriented properly. Just ensure that top of the graphic card should not become hot too much.

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    Re: Best aftermarket cooler for Evga GTX 460 SC EE

    Looking at your requirement, I think you should go for Gelid icy vision. Remember that this particular cooler will require enough space between the cards. It also has 3 pin fan connector for power supply. So see that motherboard which you are using should be having 3 pin fan connector. By using Speedfan you will be able to control voltage. Another thing what I wanted to discuss over here is that, it will reduce your temperature by using custom profile in afterburner particularly when card is running under heavy load. It will also allow reducing the fan speed of the cooler.

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