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Thread: ASUS USB 3 Boost and UASP Information

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    ASUS USB 3 Boost and UASP Information

    Hi, i have very short query. Just need a bit info. I am looking to buy a new motherboard. After a long workaround, i finalized to go with ASUS P8Z77-V. In the specification of said motherboard, I found it does have support for USB 3 Boost and UASP. Can you give me brief idea about both these terms. I know bit about USB 3 but what is UASP ? Any help will be highly appreciated.

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    Re: ASUS USB 3 Boost and UASP Information

    USB 3.0 boost feature has be recently released by ASUS. It will allow users to get true benefit of USB 3.0. Apart from that they had introduced UASP standard. You can also overclock USB 3.0 which is called as Turbo Mode. I let you know that Turbo Mode will increase the performance if there are no UASP enable device. With the help of this you can transfer data with well improved performance as compared to Bulk-Only Transfer protocol. This thing become possible due to NCQ , task management and streaming architecture.

    While using UASP you should have UASP enabled device. This is the only drawback which I am aware of.

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    Re: ASUS USB 3 Boost and UASP Information

    Well UASP stands for USB Attached SCSI Protocol. In this standard SCSI Protocol has been introduced on USB 3.0. I dont think you would be getting any benefit of UASP while using the same. It will not give any advantage while transferring multiple files at a time. However while using ASUS Turbo Mode you will find out the difference. All kind of USB devices are having support in ASUS Turbo mode.

    You can switch between protocols by using AI Suite II. It will detect whether any USAP enabled devices is connected with computer, if there is no such device available then BOT would get enabled on your system.

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    Re: ASUS USB 3 Boost and UASP Information

    I wanted to make you aware of how exactly UASP works. Basically in USAP standard data transmission should be divided into four pipelines which are,
    • Status
    • Command
    • Data-in
    • Data-out

    Number of commands runs on four pipelines at a given moment of the time. At that time only data is getting stored into buffer. The main purpose of storing the packet into buffer is, stored packet is repacked into larger data packet so that it can be made available for streaming. So you will get following advantages.

    • Faster access to small size data access
    • CPU consumption would reduced
    • Total number of transmission would reduced.
    • The data should be processed as it is arrived.
    • Reduction in waiting time
    • Due to pipeline architecture of USAP standard, it become possible to do multiple data transmissions.

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