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Thread: Testing Corsair AX1200 Power supply

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    Testing Corsair AX1200 Power supply

    My friends suggested me to purchase a Corsair AX1200 power supply for my gaming computer because he is also using the asme. He told me that this piece is enough to power any components in inside my CPU case. Even if you configure 2-way, 3-way or 4-way SLI and install additional components, the 1200W power supply is enough to power up all. Is this really true? I would like to test this PSU before actually buying. Well, I cannot do that without buying. So is there any test result made by someone which will help to make a final decision.

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    Re: Testing Corsair AX1200 Power supply

    Recently I have also tried doing the same with AX1200. We actually used different tools and different PC specs to test the PSU in a controlled environment. For the first 12V, 3.3V and 5V, the PSU readings were excellent for the motherboard. The current flowing from AC was also minimal and it was not more than the 50mV on 3.3/5V and 120mV on 12V. it seems like they are good under certain specs and that is 15mV. The power efficiency rate is also very good and I think that it achieved almost 87% efficiency at 100%. It was tested under just 50% load condition. I donít hear much noise coming out from the PSU fans. We didnít really check the sound level.

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    Re: Testing Corsair AX1200 Power supply

    Corsair has recently climbed to reach the PSU level from 1000w to 1200W. The professional series AX1200 also came with same power outage. The actual model is (CMPSU-1200AX) and the PSU comes with following cables with their respective connectors.
    • ATX CABLE (24-PIN) Ė 1 cable
    • EPS12V CPU CABLE (8-PIN) - 2 cables
    • (6+2)-PIN PCI-E CABLE - 6 cables
    • (All of the above with single connector per cable)
    • SATA CABLE - 5 cables (3 cables with 4 connectors/cable, 2 cables with 2 connectors/ cable)
    • 4-PIN MOLEX PERIPHERAL CABLE - 3 cables (four connectors/ cable)

    BY seeing this cables and connectors i think that it is well enough to test any bundled PC efficiently. Due to its ample collection of connectors and cables testing will not much complicated. It can fit into any PC case.

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    Re: Testing Corsair AX1200 Power supply

    Overall, the AX1200 PSU is very impressive with it sold build and number of additional cables/connectors. It gives you plenty of option to upgrade in CPU in later times. The voltage regulation is very much revised as well as the DC output thing. The entire piece is very quiet at certain amount of output.

    There could be some work needed like +5vsb voltage regulation, the transient load response and high noise level under heavy load. Other than this, AX1200 is the best power supply so far is 1200W range. The price is also little high and I am not sure currently this unit is available in all market place. Even if you spent MSRP $329.99 for this unit, you will not lose anything in terms of its output ability,

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    Re: Testing Corsair AX1200 Power supply

    There are plenty of reviews and test results posted in different forums about this AX1200 PSU. You can go through all of them to know how it can handle your PC components efficiently. But if you are going to test the power supply by yourself, you will need several electrical units in order to note down the specific load quantities. You will not able to test any PSU, just connecting it to a PC. It will not give you reliable results under different operating load conditions or depending on the system state.

    Even a bundled software or BIOS will not give you accurate voltage readings and all. While testing a PSU, you may need to have multi-meters, infra-red temperature probes, PSU testers, power meters and excellent software along with an oscilloscope in order to calculate the actual performance in a repeatable manner. The Corsair AX1200 unit is aimed for a High end market place. It will be tagged with competitive price depending on the market demands.

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