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Thread: Want to buy Sony MDR-XB1000 headphone

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    Want to buy Sony MDR-XB1000 headphone

    Hello guys, I am a music lover and I love to listen music mostly on my headphone. But recently I accidently broke my headphone. I want to buy the new Sony MDR-XB1000 headphone. This is really the best headphone I have heard. Everything in this headphone is of the best quality. The sound and the bass effect in this headphone are remarkable. I think that no other headphone can compete Sony MDR-XB1000 in bass effects and sound quality.

    But the bad news is that I can’t buy this headphone because it is no longer available on the website and I have gone through most of the stores but I couldn’t even find any. Does anybody know from where can i get one for me ??

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    Re: Want to buy Sony MDR-XB1000 headphone

    Yes this headphone is vanished from the market and from the online stores also. Even I wanted to buy one for me because my older one is almost dead now. But even i dint found it anywhere in the market. I have heard that Sony has stopped manufacturing this product. If anyone finds the online store then I recommend you to please post it here so that we can purchase the headphone.

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    Re: Want to buy Sony MDR-XB1000 headphone

    This is really a bad news for the music lovers. I mean this was such a great headphone from Sony. It was the best compared to other headphones with some good features like super bass, it has the world’s largest sized cushion ear pads which deliver the deep bass to the user. The design of this headphone combines the 70mm XB driver units. It has the neodymium magnet which gives the clear medium and high range of powerful bass ranges clearly.

    The sound quality of this headphone is amazing and the clarity this headphone gives I merely think any other headphone could give. The main thing of this headphone is that there is direct vibration structure of the deep bass which gives an unique wxperience in listening the song. Hope that Sony starts making this headphone again or make similar to this one as soon as possible.

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    Re: Want to buy Sony MDR-XB1000 headphone

    I know guys that this is the bad news that the Sony MDR-XB1000 headphone is no longer available in the market or in the online store. I have searched for many stores but didn’t find the headphone. I have found the similar one in the XB series of Sony. The Sony MDR-XB700 headphone is same as the Sony MDR-XB1000.

    I have purchased this headphone and happy with the performance of the headphone. But there is a little difference in both the headphones. The XB700 gives the 50mm driver unit and the XB1000 gave 70mm driver unit. This headphone also has the king sized ear pad cushion. With the sealed acoustic design there is no sound leakage and the loss in the audio quality has been reduced. I think that this headphone is also good for the music lovers. This is also a good headphone from Sony.

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