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Thread: Razer Nostromo D-pad is acting weird after driver update

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    Razer Nostromo D-pad is acting weird after driver update

    Before buying the Razer Nostromo D-pad, I have studied alot about it. I researched in several forums and blogs to know about the reaction from users who are using this D-pad. Followed several reviews made in different site. After hearing alot good comments only, I decided to buy this and now I love it so much because it made my gamepaly really easy. Due to several customization options and well built control panel I can adjust the D-pad to any game without much trouble. Till now I was using it with stock drivers installed. But today I installed latest updates which were v2.0 drivers. You can see it on Razer website and from then it started acting weird. The settings won’t get affect at all. I tried resetting all settings to default and started from the scratch but still it is not able to remember few settings. The control panel shows the setting as it is but actual implementation is awkward. If I install 1.3 drivers, it works fine. What is it up to?

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    Re: Razer Nostromo D-pad is acting weird after driver update

    Actually it does not look like a hardware related problem. Since it is a new driver, there could be compatibility issue between the drivers and version of OS you are currently running. If it is a software issue from the Razer's end, you will see the effect mainly in games. But it is a problem with some games only, then I think that profiles which you setup for D-pad controls and game controls does not match each other. For that reason only several people suggest to buy Logitech G13 which supports anything and can be customizable fully.

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    Re: Razer Nostromo D-pad is acting weird after driver update

    The fact is, you have only downloaded and installed the new drivers. What about the new version of Firmware? Is there any? Drivers usually reside on the system side where you connect your D-pad and it won’t do much other than accepting input from the D-pad and output the desired results according to the commands. The actual work is done by the firmware which tells how controls should react, how movements should be made, what settings should be needed and like that.

    Some say that this issue is already known in Razer Nostromo D-pad. Users who have downloaded and installed the version 2.0 drivers already experienced few issues regarding movements and controls. There was no such issue with previous drivers. You can notice the problem properly in games. It seems like still the drivers didn’t get a patch or update to fix the issue. It would be better if you downgrade to the previous drivers until Razer updates with a fix for their drivers. Because there is no alternative solution yet.

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