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Thread: Need information on VSONIC OXOO Earphone

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    Need information on VSONIC OXOO Earphone

    Heard a lot about this upcoming VSonic earphone but unfortunately didnít got the entire information about it. Until now the only thing I have been hearing about Vsonic OXOO is that it is going to come up soon within few months and also it is going to be only for few limited editions. Is it really true? I am really very much excited about this about headphone but seems like even google donít have any appropriate information about this product. Tried a lot but didnít get anything about it. Its not that thereís no information available about this product, there are but seems like they all are fake. Now what I need is few details about this device with no fake information and also wants to know your reaction about how much you are excited with this productís release. Also let me know about its price specification if possible.

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    Re: Need information on VSONIC OXOO Earphone

    Ok, I have got this information from Google (donít know you didnít get anything about this earphone). First of all as according to the information that I have I can say that whatever you heard about OXOO is correct, there is an upcoming dynamic+BA earphone model called as OXOO. It is going to cost you around for $1600 (seems to be quite high) and also as you have heard this model is surely going be available only in limited edition.

    The most interesting thing I would like to share is that this model is actually not going to come up in market, in fact it is not at all meant for the normal user so better drop the idea if you are willing or planning to buy this earphone. Instead of sale this product is going to come for the display purpose like a prototype kind of concept. However they also say if possible few of them could be sold out but I am not sure. This is what I know about this product and definitely I would love to provide you more if I get to know anything further about it as soon as possible.

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    Re: Need information on VSONIC OXOO Earphone

    I think vsonic never wants to get such product to be in a regular mass production. My friends say that this product is going to be exactly same as the AKG K3003 especially with respect to the sound quality and features. Expecting the design shouldnít be the same as most of the other models share.

    This K3003 model has till now managed to gain more fame and name with their decent reasonably pricing on universal IEM which somehow managed to make the other manufacturers follow the same. It has been a trend that if one brand company manages to successfully raises the bar then it is necessary that other company too tries to raise their bar by simply following the same strategy or some other advanced.

    However it is good to see that OXOO didnít do such thing. As already said above, it is one of those unique model that is being made as a prototype that is surely not going to be available in excess amount for the users. I am sure once this model will release it will either touch the level of K3003 or else go beyond that level.

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