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Thread: Looking for LED Light kit for Cpu Case

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    Looking for LED Light kit for Cpu Case

    Well I have seen that the computer lighting is the great way of making the computer look stand out and it is the most simplest way to add in the style on PC case. I even heard that the LED Light kit are simple and easy to install. I am looking for LED Light kit for Cpu Case as I need to make my system light up . I have looked all over the place but was not able to find anything on that. So I thought to ask about the same here. Is there anyone here has already got LED Light kit for their pc can help me on this I will be really appreciating this

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    Re: Looking for LED Light kit for Cpu Case

    For the brightest computer light you will be needing some of the cold cathode lights. There is the huge collection of cold cathode lamps and computer case lights that can be fit in any computer case. If you want to mod the case this is the stuff that you should look for . It has various range of the UV light to light up your UV-reactive computer component few of then I like to suggest are :
    • 12in Dual Blue Cold Cathode Kit
    • 12in Red Cold Cathode Kit (Dual Ready)
    • Cold Cathode Light Bars
    • Cold Cathode Sound Activated Module
    • 5 Feet Blue EL Wire Kit
    • UV Blue CCFL 80mm Fan Kit - UV Cold Cathode Light with 80x25mm fan
    • Illuminated Mini Duckbill Toggle Switch (12v)- Blue

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    Re: Looking for LED Light kit for Cpu Case

    Well few month I was also looking for the same , but I see that many people had mention that the cold cathode lights is not that good. Then I decided to make my own LED light and this light has cost me very less to make. Lots of the material that I wanted was already available to me at home. The only thing that I need was the LEDs and the drivers. If you search on the web there are many site that has the technique to fit Light kit on a Cpu Case .

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