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Thread: How to upgrade Iomega HMNHD to Firmware v2.104

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    How to upgrade Iomega HMNHD to Firmware v2.104

    Hi, i am using Iomega HMNHD v1.0. I read somewhere that there is new upgraded firmware is available for the same. So I want to update the firmware of Iomega HMNHD v1.0.

    If anyone know how to do the same on Iomega HMNHD please guide me as well. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to upgrade Iomega HMNHD to Firmware v2.104

    Firmware updates provides performance and improvement for your home media network drive. Follow the instruction for updating firmware on Iomega HMNHD:

    • Before installing firmware first create back up for your data.
    • If it is necessary then only download and update firmware.
    • Remove all connected USB devices.
    • Download the archive from the Iomega website to your local hard disk and extract the hmnhd-firmware-2.104 update file on your local hard disk.
    • If you are using windows then check the Iomega Home Storage Manager icon in the System Tray or Menu Bar and if you are MAC user then select your drive from the Configure submenu.
    • Enter the administrator password if you have created or else you donít have to enter password because default password is blank.
    • Click on the System menu button in the left-hand column, and then click the System Tasks tab.
    • Now click the update button.
    • Now click the Choose File button to search for your hard disk for the hmnhd-firmware-2.104 update.
    • After selecting your update file, click on apply button.

    Thats it. Once its installed, hard disk will reboot automatically. For better performance wait for 15 minutes and after 15 minutes you can use your hard drive with updated firmware.

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    Re: How to upgrade Iomega HMNHD to Firmware v2.104

    I think that you will be able to restore rootfs by applying only the System Partition part from the firmware install directions, check the link here - I dont think that would be enough, when the update also updated the kernel. In that case you can try to apply the whole instruction excluding the Data Partition part if you would like. Hope this helps.

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    Re: How to upgrade Iomega HMNHD to Firmware v2.104

    It is strongly suggested that all customers download the update file and check the included Readme also. By updating to the new firmware you can change some of the default behaviours on your device. This firmware resolves the problem with Remote Access and secure SSL certificates. It will also add Time Machine support for the Mac OSX 10.7 operating system and also fixes netatalk 2.0.

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