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Thread: Are DC Sanace 120L Suitable CPU Fan for regular system

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    Are DC Sanace 120L Suitable CPU Fan for regular system

    My current Intel CPU cooler fan has stopped working. I removed it from the heatsink and manual checked it. It was actually failed. It wasnít very old but it gets failed. Now I have to replace it with a very good CPU fan. Since it is a stock cooler I donít know which third party one fan is perfectly compatible with it. There is a old DC Sanace 120L from my very old computer and I kept it somewhere safe. I am thinking about using it for few months until I buy a different CPU cooler. After few hours of research on Google I have found that the DC Sanace 120L is almost compatible with the CPU cooler. Do you think that DC Sanace 120L is a suitable CPU Fan for regular system?

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    Re: Are DC Sanace 120L Suitable CPU Fan for regular system

    As far as I know that they are awesome turbines and I am damn sure about this. You donít need to worry about using this in regular systems since they donít produce excessive amount of heat actually. Only thing you need to check is whether it can properly seated on the current CPU cooler or not. Also these fans donít need 22.8 watts per channel! So 5v should not be running at 1.9 amps. You can connect this fan to the 7V controllers.

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    Re: Are DC Sanace 120L Suitable CPU Fan for regular system

    I think that the model number of this DC Sanace 120L fans is I09E1212H144. Also the fan is most likely a 127mm x 38mm fan, not a 120mmx 38mm. in the model number, the ĎEí indicates that it is an Aluminum frame and the H indicates that it is for High speed. So the fan is .052a which produces 48 to 52dBA noise. The fan is capable to output 3850rpm and the operating voltage may be around 10.2-13.8 volts. Finally I assume that CFM is somewhere in the 100CFM + range. (4.81 m3/min). The thing is these are very old aluminum frame fans and they might work on any regular computers. Most of the reviews say that the SAN ACE 120L series fans are the one of the best 120mm fans made by any manufacturer, and also very hard to buy.

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    Re: Are DC Sanace 120L Suitable CPU Fan for regular system

    I have also heard lot about these fans and I assume that their performance is very great even when they are undervolted. Right now I have one as an intake fan on the lower chamber and other one is one the PSU. I would like to use 2 more as the back exhaust. Right now both fans take 12v.

    You donít need to bother about the noise and all. But as an alternative you can take Antec TriCool 120x38mm fan at High speed setting which is supposes to get 60CFM at 28dBa.

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