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Thread: Touchpad of MSI x370-206US not working

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    Touchpad of MSI x370-206US not working

    I havenít used laptop much as compared to the desktop PC. I am not acquainted with the controls that are different as compared to desktop PC. I had purchased this laptop from Newegg and it is still under the warranty period. It is facing a major problem related to the touchpad on it. I am pressing it and it does not respond. Even the click bar does not respond when pressed. I have formatted my computer twice thinking that Operating system that I am using must not be compatible, but still the problem persisted. So I restored the factory settings, re-installed the drivers for the touchpad and click bar. I have also tried various combinations of function keys thinking that I must have locked the functionality. But nothing has helped me so far, the touchpad still doesnít respond neither does the click bar responds when pressed. Can someone help me with this issue?

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    Re: Touchpad of MSI x370-206US not working

    I know what the problem is with your laptop. The problem you have described is very common problem in MSI x370-206US. Actually the response of touchpad and the click bar is very good, the only problem is that they are very tight and need to click very hard. A normal touch wonít make it respond it properly. You need to push it very hard to make it respond. This happens because the laptop is new. You will need to use in the same way for at least one month till the buttons get loose. I know it seems scary when just reading. The pressure you need to apply seems to break the touchpad and the click bar, but you need to get used to it. If you still having trouble and need the laptop for some quick use and situation arises where you need to use mouse quickly, then you can attach a normal mouse to use along with your laptop.

    This problem where the button is difficult to push is actually a design error. I donít know how MSI manufactured such laptops. It seems like they were never tested for functionality from userís perspective. I too actually have a friend who uses MSI x370-206US. He is currently using a Bluetooth mouse to operate it.

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