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Thread: Dell Precision 690 workstation does not able to boot into Windows

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    Dell Precision 690 workstation does not able to boot into Windows

    I own a Dell Precision 690 workstation. Yesterday it just went off suddenly in the middle but then it didnít turn on. No matter what I do, still I could not able to get it live and working. I have installed a new processor as well as the new power supply but still same problems appearing. The system starts up, fans run at real fast, I can see the BIOS POST screen saying Sata 0" and Drive4 not found. Then it runs for few seconds and immediately shuts down. Looks like it has gone into hibernation mode. I have double checked everything at start up but nothing appeared to be strange there. Anything else I should try?

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    Re: Dell Precision 690 workstation does not able to boot into Windows

    Did you try boot the system using any bootable USB stick or live CD? You should try this procedure whenever your system shows problem with booting and start up. If the Windows boot sector gets corrupted or Windows files get missing or HDD went off, booting from live CD or USB stick will get you know the exact cause of the problem. In order to boot from the live CD, you should have a DVD or CD drive installed on your Dell precision workstation. Also make sure that it is configured as a primary boot device. If not, you can configure it later while entering into BIOS settings. This is same as USB drive. Make sure that USB is enabled and should allow read at boot time. You can also set the USB drive as primary bootable drive. Whenever you start the system with either of those inserted, the system will boot it other than HDD.

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    Re: Dell Precision 690 workstation does not able to boot into Windows

    I hope that you own a Dell Rescue and Restore CD. As far as I know that every Dell models come with either of these CDs in order to restore the system in every condition if it gets failed due to some reasons like Windows corrupt, Registry corrupt and so on. Usually these disks do help you to restore the system back to original state. If it doesnít help, you can try the Windows repair CD or something. During the boot process, just make sure that the POST screen properly showing your HDD and its size. If not, there is something wrong with your HDD. May be its connectors or the disk itself. Check the HDD is detected in the BIOS also. Last method you can try is just re-installing Windows. I hope that you already have backup of your data somewhere else. If the DATA is stored in different partition other than Windows is installed, you donít need to worry about the re-installation. You can directly go for that since it wonít touch the other partition unless you manually do so.

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    Re: Dell Precision 690 workstation does not able to boot into Windows

    On many Dell systems, you can access the Dell Recovery Restore by pressing Alt or Ctrl and F11 at the same time, immediately after the Dell logo appears on the screen.
    • Go into the BIOS and in applications to see if you find LoadSetupDefault.
    • Click it and restart calls the default settings.
    • If it does not solve the problem, then Boot from the Windows CD
    • Go the repair console
    • Type fixmbr and press enter
    • Type fixboot and press enter
    • and then reboot

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    Re: Dell Precision 690 workstation does not able to boot into Windows

    You need to make search on Google or on the website of the manufacturer of your computer for more information about it. Then if you cannot even launch windows in safe mode, it means very definitely say it's a hardware problem and not software. The motherboard has two jumpers one is to reset the passwords and the other to reset the bios, reset bios to connect the two pins few seconds and then reboots the computer with a single pin, leave it with a single pin and see how it can start. Look at the capacitors on the motherboard to see without being bloated is most common failure on all Dell computers, if so change the plate and fix the problem.

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    Re: Dell Precision 690 workstation does not able to boot into Windows

    Disconnect the hard disk and put it as a secondary hard drive on another computer. (Or the second slot of the CD / DVD player or even a port-USB external Harddisk). If you see it, let the system take a deep scan disk and then you have a good chance to go. To see what goes wrong with a PC, you should always go to a single device. You have to open it (somehow) and go through the each component inside a cabinet, a known or an assembly is always distinct and interchangeable. If you cannot turn it on (and then to access it) you must move the devices more susceptible to danger (in this case are likely to be bad HD or motherboard) on another PC to test them. The alternative is to take it in for repair to professional.

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