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Thread: Is there gonna be GTX 690 8gb version?

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    Is there gonna be GTX 690 8gb version?

    Hi guys, I just came across GTX 690 lately. I just loved it and would not mind its very existence in my list of gadgets and technical products. But I guess it is a 4 GB video card and is available only in the 4 GB version. This is s bit less isnít it? Considering the graphical use that I undertake, this might prove extremely insufficient for me. I am a bit hesitant to opt for it for this very reason. So, I was wondering if they are launching any 8GB version of the same. Because I myself personally wish to use an 8GB and I am sure many users and readers out here want to explore the very same option and that will probably prove as a great piece of product. But I donít know if they are in any plans to do this so I wanted to ask the tech geeks out here, they must obviously be knowing.

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    Re: Is there gonna be GTX 690 8gb version?

    Hi there! I just went through the above mentioned discussion and thought I have a varied say over the issue. I am not sure if you all have used the GTX 590. It is a great thing to use too but I guess you must be aware about the number of issues that had come up on the use of the device. It was efficient in some aspects but the issues that it caused killed its very efficiency. It also had problems of low voltage and all which was again very irritating. So, when they came up with the 690 version it resolved most issues and works almost as expected without traces of previously disappointing issues. Many users including myself switched to the 690 version then and as of now are extremely satisfied. It was lately that even I thought how nice it would be if they can come up with an 8 GB version. I would not take a moment to order and switch to the same. Out of curiosity I enquired the customer care they replies that they definitely are planning to launch one but the dates are yet to be fixed.

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    Re: Is there gonna be GTX 690 8gb version?

    Ok! That was a good piece of curious effort. But I would ask you to please contact the customer service people and ask if 32GB is being lanned to be launched. You are surely going to get the very same reply to that. The reason being that they are customer service agents and are trained to give affirmative replies to most of the questions. I am not hinting they are mocking at you but that is how things work at their end. Talking about if they are actually planning to launch. They might be! they may even be on with the very procedure of manufacturing one. But by the market trend that I can see, I donít think they are going to launch it soon. Because, they are facing difficulty in even pushing the already launched product in the market which is a 4GB version. And till there comes products, apps or games demanding an 8GB card they donít really need to launch it. So according to me its senseless waiting for that, go with the 4GB version which itself is quite efficient and will work as expected in a proper manner.

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    Re: Is there gonna be GTX 690 8gb version?

    You guys have no idea, how fed up am I of answering similar questions which pertains to availability of higher memory products r products with better usability etc. so, I recommend you all to go through the below given explanation and simple refer people to this post if you come across such questions because this is not only related to the product mentioned here but this applies to almost every product that is yet to be launchec, expected or rather hoped and wanted to be launched.
    There has been seen a repeated confusion when it comes to the capability and availability of the product. Let us not mix them. People tend to come up with a rubbish conclusion that if a thing is not available than that doesnít work. Trust me when I say that is not at all the case. In fact, if ever things have been built then there has always been an option to sell it.
    There is an age old and ragged concept of ĎCustomer is always rightí which is applicable only with the stock that exists and not with the other ones. When it comes to not-existing products then it is the companyís bottom line that matters to the company and not the client. Even before consideration of launching a product the company should feel that the demand is worth their investment. Every company wishes to make maximum sales with minimum risk and that brings them to business. That is their purpose of existence
    Each and every company actually wait for the demand of a product to boost up so that they can invest at the right time and exploit the demand. However, being customers we are only concerned about what we want and only want to satisfy the unquenchable thirst for more.
    But you can never expect them to focus on a couple of customers or even some dozens of customers. A company simply aims to cater the major portion of the target. There exists no company which can satisfy the needs and all of every customer that ever exists.
    However, this is for you to understand the scenario better, a company will launch a product only in one of the three circumstances.
    - If there exists hell lot of demand by a considerable amount of customers
    - If at all there is a considerable amount of demand by the customers which are actually paying really more.
    - If the company plans and visualizes that the investment could drop the cost of development to a considerable amount. This happens only with the competition.
    Now, that was a generic explanation which could be referred to products belonging to any category. Let us come to your specific question which speaks about GTX 690. Now, tell me what according to you is the reason behind the very use of GTX690 as merely a pair of GTX680. You think that is because it has been that way with the last five generations of dual-GPU cards, it is because most customers are satisfied with 2GB per GPU. Now, there is a hardly an amount of population which is unsatisfied with the VRAM and wants to have an 8GB GTX690. So, you cannot really expect a soon launch.
    Two ways of getting more Vram on a graphics card:
    1. use more chips (costs more power) or
    2. use higher density chips (costs more money).
    The 4GB GTX680's appearing now are using more chips because it is cheaper for them and they can charge extra premium for it, while the GTX690 uses the same chips as GTX680 tightly packed to keep the power consumption lower. I wonder if it wasn't worth the power consumption savings versus cost of using higher density chips instead on GTX690? It is each business' job to predict what tolerance the majority of their target customers have with power consumption and cost. Certain when the Quadro/Tesla versions with more Vram come, they will worth worth using higher density chips; we will see 8GB/16GB Kepler cards there.

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