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Thread: Fatal Error message MSI.MSI_BPD_Scan when installing Office jet Pro L7680 driver

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    Fatal Error message MSI.MSI_BPD_Scan when installing Office jet Pro L7680 driver

    We have an HP Office jet Pro L7680 at our home which we have been using for a long time to get printouts of the important documents that we need. Recently we formatted our computer and re-installed the operating system, which is Windows 7. We also installed the drivers for printer, but after this formatting, the printer failed to work. I thought that the drivers need upgrading and so I downloaded and installed new drivers for the printer, but they failed to make the printer work with our PC. I then removed all the drivers for the printer and again installed a fresh copy of all of them, but after that whenever I tried printing a document or any page, it would give an error on screen saying ĎMSI.MSI_BPD_Scaní. Can someone tell me what the problem can be? Does the problem exist in the drivers of the printer or the operating system?

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    Re: Fatal Error message MSI.MSI_BPD_Scan when installing Office jet Pro L7680 driver

    All the softwares and processes dump their unwanted files in the temp folder in the Windows Operating system. Same happens with the printers drivers in Windows 7. Many people have same issue as you are having and this is happening because, after installation, the process responsible for installation of drivers dumps the setup file which actually is log of all other files in the temp folder. Due to this, it becomes difficult for the drivers to access or repair certain data or file, thus failing to print data on the paper.
    You can go in the temp folder and retrieve it. If you havenít cleared the temp folder, than it will be present by name Setup0000.log in that folder. You can copy and paste it back to the system folder where the drivers of the printers are installed. If you have cleared the temp folder of its dump files, then you will need to re-install the drivers and restart your computer. This will automatically transfer the Setup0000.log file in Temp folder and then you can cop it back to the system folders of the printerís drivers.

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