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Thread: I want to enable print preview in HP Deskjet 1050

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    I want to enable print preview in HP Deskjet 1050

    I recently purchased HP Deskjet 1050 which was really nice when the guys gave me printout of some page and was listing with some great features. But I think I am dis-satisfied with its features when I actually came to know how it performs. I was previously having HP products and it was really nice to work but as I gave it to my associate there was a need to buy this one. So what I am concerned to is , I need to enable print preview option. And I have a software which I think is of HP Deskjet F300 , and so I have queries whether I can make use of it in HP Deskjet 1050 ? I was having some options paper/quality which showed me to take best normal and draft. But I am not able to make some modification in it. I also have some more issues as normally I am making use of adobe files to print and so print PDF file by means of adobe reader and when I tried to do the same, it came to my notice that i was not able to see my HP Deskjet 1050 in printer list ? so can you guess some reasons for which why my printer list was not available in adobe reader. So I need a quick reply as I am having all PDF files to print and so I am not finding comfortable with my current status. Please assist me further.

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    Re: I want to enable print preview in HP Deskjet 1050

    I was having same issues and as my print preview option was not accessible and what I tried was installed the Deskjet 990c driver and then “Add a printer” from the printers folder. And after this I was with some supple alternatives and when I made a print , it was clearly seen the my print quality settings have changed and I was with some better result. I just added a local printer after making choice for “Add a printer”, I was then with use existing port and then choose the USB alternative, and afterward click next. You will be with an windows Update button to get all support window 7 drivers updated. After this click Click on HP select the Deskjet 990c from the right menu.

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