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Thread: HP OfficeJet 8500 Wireless "Communication Error" with mac OS

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    HP OfficeJet 8500 Wireless "Communication Error" with mac OS

    i am just using HP 8500 and I think this is most of the efficient printers of recent times. Since I was opting for an Wireless Communication , I made a choice for this one. I was at present working on Mac but it came to my notice that there were some issues as I was with some "Communication Error" on my printer. It was previously working fine but ,later printing was not possible from the Mac . it was saying something like this as “Connecting to Printer" and then gave "Communication Error". I just thought it would be OK when I connected wired. Made some factory settings made some latest firmware update but it was not solved yet. So anyone here can solve this one as i am too lazy to find some solutions on other sites and posting the same issue.

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    re: HP OfficeJet 8500 Wireless "Communication Error" with mac OS

    I was also with the same issue and it was all solved after I tried with resetting my printer.but make a note of one thing that any speed dial numbers stored will be lost when you carry out the semi-full reset. You could start with front panel and you need to press the * and the # key together, again pressing 1,2,3 in that order on the touch screen. So you will be then with reset menu after you have pressed left arrow button twice. You will be with then "semi-full reset" after you have pressed left arrow two more times . you will be then with the result that the printer will print an alignment page . This will happen automatically as the printer will shut down and then automatically turn on and you need to make some initialization with language and the country . so this si an procedure for a semi-full reset.

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    Re: HP OfficeJet 8500 Wireless "Communication Error" with mac OS

    I just made use of this because this all-in-One Wireless printer is really helpful around for many purposes. And I did the same thing as after resetting my printer all the issues were solved. So, it something goes wrong and you are not able to get your printer to print or go back to its usual purpose. When this occurs, you can reset the printer to return the user settings to their factory defaults. By this mode, there might be possibility that you can returns the printer to its normal function.
    You would be having A909a Model and in this case, all you need to do is unplug the power cord from the back of your HP 8500 All-in-One wireless printer and then count or use a timer to wait for some couple of seconds. And then press and hold "#" and "3" on the printer's number panel simultaneously when you plug the power cord back into the rear of your printer. After your printer starts , you then need to stop pressing the "#" and "3" keys. If you consider A909n and A909g Models the setup is different from the usual one. You need to touch the "Setup" icon. This icon corresponds to a picture of a wrench. make use of the arrows to scroll down to "Tools.". you will be then having option for "Tools" after you find the category. Scroll down and you will find "Restore Factory Defaults." And then press "Cancel" when you see the message: "Defaults Restored."and by this one, your defaults settings are restored and you will be back to main menu.

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