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Thread: Officejet 6500 E710a-f crashes while copying something

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    Officejet 6500 E710a-f crashes while copying something

    This is a brand new printer that I bought last week. Everything was working fine until yesterday morning. Donít know what happened with copying feature. Whenever I go on to copy anything that I need to print on officejet, it completely crashes and all I have to do is restart everything. Another problem is that the machine doesnít restart so easily I have to actually unplug the device and then re-plug the device, only then I can get it work normally but unfortunately cant get rid of this issue. please help me out. is there anyone else you is having officejet 6500 printer with them and facing this similar issue while coping a doc or file or something? There might be at least some sort of fix available for this problem, please let me know about it if possible.

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    Re: Officejet 6500 E710a-f crashes while copying something

    Ok! Look I am not sure but after reading out your issue I feel like the problem is not with the device but itís with the power supply, there might be something wrong with the power socket in which you plugin and connect your printer. What you can do is trying to using some other different power outlet and connects your printer there. Sometimes what happens is due to the fluctuations of power supply the printer fails to get the power frequently and due to which it crashes in between certain task where the printer is supposed to get excess of current. Maybe your printer is tried to get lot of power supply during the process of coping and it fails to get the sufficient amount resulting into the crashing. This is a random guess; you can check and let me know the result.

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    Re: Officejet 6500 E710a-f crashes while copying something

    My friend, you have guessed out the issue correctly but failed to explain it the best possible way, technically you were bit week in explaining the issue but anyways you did 50% of the job. If any of the HP printers fails to get a proper power supply or if any of these printers turn off automatically or crashes without following a normal procedure then remember there is surely a low power issue resulting in turning off the product frequently which you call it as crashing. However everyone knows that low powering is just one of the minor and most common problems which occur due to the increase in number of electronic devices that are connected at single place within the same power supply. It mostly happens in office environment. Now as the problem is so simple the solution for the same is also quite simple.

    What you need to do is just Press the power button and then quickly releases it as soon as possible. Below is the correct direction for turning on the product perfectly without facing any trouble:

    • First of all make sure to remove the memory cards and the USB drives if thereís any from your printer. And the as already said press the power button and then quickly release it in order to start up a power on and off cycle. Now remember that releasing the power button quickly is very much necessary, this is the main aspect that is to be noted while following the steps. Donít try to press and hold the power button for a longer time; leave it as soon as possible.
    • The reason for pressing and releasing the power button quickly is very much simply, If you try to press and hold the Power button for a longer time there are chances that your printer might turn on normally but then turn off automatically without even starting up completely, and as you know if it turns off automatically it wonít restart by itself. Also possibly the device might turn OFF in Powersave mode during the process. In any of the cases always remember that you press and suddenly release the power button of the product as soon as possible, itís a best practice for powering on a Printer or HP product.

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    Re: Officejet 6500 E710a-f crashes while copying something

    I am also facing the same problem. Didnít do anything until saw your post. I tried changing the outlet and connected my printer from the power strip to a wall outlet but that didnít seem to be working at all. Doing so I can notice the screen saying ďCopying page 1/1Ē but that doesnít really do the copying process. And while during this process if I try to cancel the process by press the Red Cross button all I get is a complete blank paper as an output and lastly the screen says that the Copying was canceled and failed which in turns crashes the machine.

    I just want to say that if power supply would have been the main reason for the issue then why I am not getting the same problem with the other task that I perform with this printer, I mean when I try to take a print, fax or scan everything works properly without crashing the printer but then when it comes to copying anything the problem occurs. Now the main problem I am facing is that I cannot give a print option as the machine is not even able to complete the copying task. Until and unless I am able to get this task completely only then I can give the print option.

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