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Thread: legal size paper is not requested for MPF in dell 3110cn color laser printer

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    legal size paper is not requested for MPF in dell 3110cn color laser printer

    I am sure I am not the only one with this problem, there must be other people too having the same issue that I have mentioned above in the title. Whenever I try to print from the this Dell 3110cn printer I am unable to get a legal size paper requested for the MPF. I have noticed it many times, whenever I try to print a legal word document on a single tray 3110cn the document rolls back to the printer and then it somehow ask for a legal size paper in the first tray for no reason. Already done with trying out number of combination with the tray settings through the printerís web server and but then I did make any changes to the word application print panel, I simply left the print panel unchanged. But whatís the use of doing so, I always end up getting the same problematic error saying to load the legal in Tray1. If I manage to select the MPF specifically through the Print Panel I am able to get to unutilized the MPF. There are more other single tray printers like Ricoh and HP that were able to easily recognize the legal size paper if itís not into the Tray 1 and not just this they would also request for the use of the MPF and the MPF which I am talking about is only requested when the envelop is suppose to be printed through the MS word. I guess the problem could be due to the drive, as driver update is one of the most common problems that come up with the printers but if I am not mistaken after A01 and R129781.exe there are no further new driver update beyond them. As already said that I know there are number of people with the same issue but I just want to whether there is anyone else who have managed to get a proper solution for this issue. let see at least I successfully able to get a proper solution for this issue.

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    Re: legal size paper is not requested for MPF in dell 3110cn color laser printer

    Hey you donít you try to configure the MPF into your printer, while doing this you can easily able to accept the legal size through both the panel or the software. but overall it would be much easier to manage to pull out the Tray 1. I am not sure how much you are aware of your machine but if you check at the back of the tray you might find a blue lever that come up with an arrow onto it, you need to simply push in the direction of the arrow and then try to again pull out the Tray 1 to a legal size just for lengthening it. After this you have to put back the paper and then fix the Tray back into its original position. Everything is done; now from here you should be easily able to allow the printer for printing to the legal paper.

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    Re: legal size paper is not requested for MPF in dell 3110cn color laser printer

    I have a question to be asked, anyone can let me know why exactly the printer is able to automatically able to request for this legal size paper by the MPF? I would under-estimate the suggestion that I have got from my above friend but obviously the trick that you have provided is one of the most known and simple one which is very well known for adjusting the Tray 1 paper size and I think this is not the one that I am look out here. Already I have set the MPF through the panel in order to accept the legal size paper and then whenever I try to print any document especially the MS word document as already mentioned above I am asked for legal paper to use the Tray 1. Until now I have tried changing the Tray 1 to Letter from Auto believing that it would make some difference but what I found was that there were only two possible options existing over there i.e. Auto and Custom. I can only say that your solution is actually not a solution or a fix instead its just a work around. If ever we face a tray breakage issue we are suggested not to readjust the tray size on a regular basis. I never understood why it is always necessary to simply request for a driver modification in order to just get the printer working smoothly in a user friendly mode, I mean to open up the MPF and then easily load the legal size paper. Anyways I do really appreciate your affords for sorting out the problem. Thanks a lot my friend.

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