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Thread: does the most effective CPU cooler fit easily in Dell i570 case?

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    does the most effective CPU cooler fit easily in Dell i570 case?

    I have few doubts and question regarding the CPU cooler for my Dell inspiron i570 desktop computer. First of all I would like to know whether it is possible to mount the largest and the most effective CPU cooler easily on this machineís case. There must be at least someone who have this same model computer and has been successfully able to mount a 95W or above CPU cooler. I am looking out for a Cooler that is actually being fixed not with the help of some clips instead they are held with the help of the screws within the Inpiron 570 case. I personally analyzed the case and found that from the top of the CPU to the side panel there are some 5Ē square footprint and about 6Ē maximum vertical that is available for the replacement. After checking out the dimension and also analyzing the deepest way possible I believe that Cooler Master 212 Evo and Zalman models wonít be able to fit into it, they canít make out qualifying for 570 case even though they are the most popular ones. There are certain traditional style heatsinks that are rated at 95W by Dynatron, startech and Deepcool, I have already tried all of them. Amongst them the one that I have retained is the Deepcool Alpha 400ST by keeping my 125W CPU running within the range of 32 to 37C even at normal usage. With this range the OCCT is showing up it level out after few minutes at 61 to 63C. During the normal access to the system I have always been at 25C with 95W chip and then maxed out the OCCT 1 hour test by keeping less than 55C.

    Anyways amongst all I think Arctic 13CO 200W model would be much promising but I am strongly against those heavy heatsinks that are supposed to be fixed with the help of two screws set into the rubber mount. i am really expecting lot of suggestion from your side, please help me out. if thereís no help then I will have to somehow purchase few number of Coolers from Amazon and then try them all. I will keep the one which is suitable for me and return the rest that doesnít matches my requirement. This is the only possible solution left from my side. Please suggest something.

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    Re: does the most effective CPU cooler fit easily in Dell i570 case?

    Cooling is always one of the most important aspects of keeping a system safe and sound. But in my opinion I think in case of Dell there has to be some limitation with whatever we do with the Dell case. Just because of this reason without even thinking I just switched to a new case replacing my year old Inspiron case. Currently the case I am having has maximum four fans installed into it. Thereís a 140mm fan on the side panel then a 120mm within the back side as an exhaust then again another 120mm fan on the top as exhaust and lastly another 120mm towards the front side on the fan controller. The best thing from which I am impressed is with the fan speed and its quietness. The fan is able to run at its full speed and even at that speed it doesnít make any noise, the fan is very much quite.[/h][h=3]In comparison of small Inspiron Cases with mid size ATX cases, the ATX cases are too large in front of these Inspiron cases due to which you get an option of installing large heatsinks, you get too much of room for those large heatsinks. All in all I can say that my case is fully empty and has lot of space even after installing so many fans. It has an open mesh design on the front and also at the top of it with filters. If anyoneís able to get the temperature of their case controlled at certain level by simply modifying then I guess there should be no issue in modifying their Inspiron case. I would not mind modifying mine if I get a huge temp dropping. If I would have not stuck inside the case then surely mine would have been much cooler than the current temperature.

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    Re: does the most effective CPU cooler fit easily in Dell i570 case?

    Thatís a huge description of your issue I must say. But I didnít mention anywhere which fan exactly you are using currently, are you using Dell fan provided by Dell itself or you are using one amongst those you have mentioned above. I mean to ask you whether you are facing your fan failure issue due to the stock fan of you machine or with the fan provided by the 3rd party. The default fan cooling is nothing but a passive fan cooling so therefore you can simply go with a side fan with a duct towards to the fan. This could be one of the preferable options that could provide you with a better cooling. Now days I think even those side vents on the case looks like of no use. Anyways you can simply go for a Deepcool Alpha 400ST CPU Cooler. This would be very much OK for your case. It would fit all the way into your machine case. If you doubt the size and dimensions of this fan then you need not have to worry i will help you with all the specifications of this case. Regarding the dimension, Alpha 400STís regular overall Fan Dimension is some 98.5x108.5x82mm 92X25mm and net weight is 383g which is very much acceptable. Its rated voltage, operating voltage, Started Voltage and Rated Current is 12VDC, 10.8~13.2VDC, 7VDC and 0.20Ī10%A respectively. Its bearing type is Hydro Bearing. The best thing is its noise reduction feature, yeah I doesnít create too much of noise while running that. The noise is quite acceptable, its 30.1dB.

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    Re: does the most effective CPU cooler fit easily in Dell i570 case?

    In my case I preferred to go for a Dremel but just because I was not sure with certain I doubted the installation. What I am thinking is to consult a Hardware support person or any Hardware expert and ask them about the thing that could be used for cutting down the angles in sheet metal. However the bracket within can has helped a lot, it somehow helped me in managing things look perfect and done as per the requirement and expectation. My new CPU cooler is at its best, you wonít believe it has made my case temperature reduced to 59C max during the OCCT test. The best thing is that I got this result just 12 hours after the installation with the help of Artic 5. I have more than 180 hours if I am not mistaken for improving the temp until the compounds are settled. Anyways currently I am at -5C as compared to the previous reading. As according to your requirement even my cooler has those screw attachment and not the clips. The fan has a secure screw that is designed through a heavy metal rear bracket and also they occupy less as compared to any other CPU cooler. At least in my case the CPU cooler take less space than those fans I had before. Other than this the best thing is about the shipping, it cost me only $20 for the shipment.

    But however you canít take everything in this Cooler as best, there are certain one or two negative point that cannot be ignored. While installation I noticed that the factory bracket and the screws that were provided along with the product. They were somehow differing with the factory brackets that were made to accept the screws. Just because of such differences ii was forced to remove the motherboard and then swap the two. But other than this I donít think thereís any other negativity with this cooler fan. At least with respect to the thermal pipes this fan be much better an the those DeepCool with thermal pipes that costs double.

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    Re: does the most effective CPU cooler fit easily in Dell i570 case?

    How foolish it sounds to purchase a new motherboard and a CPU heatsink just because I didnít fit and got into a new Cooler Master Case. This happened with my friend; he purchased a new Cooler master Case just as one of our friends did here. Even my friend had i570 desktop pc with him, he was unable to maintain his CPU temperature and also he faced overheating issue within his case, therefore I planned to go for buying a new case. After getting this new Cooler Master Case I transferred almost all of his hardware like CPU, Ram, power supply, HDD and other optical drives and also some of the other minor hardware. Now the thing is that his motherboard and the CPU heatsink were probably not able get along with the case and just because of this reason without even thinking he went for a new motherboard and CPU heatsink. The mother board cost him around $75 and the heatsink came for $30 all in all it took him $180 for the upgrade.

    About this I can only say that with the name of new case he simply went for a complete system upgrade. It would have been much acceptable if he would have just upgraded the Case and CPU fan but getting a new motherboard along with them really makes no sense. I would never go for such upgrade, whatís the use of buying so many thing, instead I would prefer to buy a new system.

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    Re: does the most effective CPU cooler fit easily in Dell i570 case?

    To check my current temperature with the final setup I tried running the OCCT test, seems to be this one is the most powerful and well known test that is always performed with most of the users. Anyways with this test I found that after one hour with OCCT test the max temperature was at 56C and running OCCT Linpack the temp went upto 52C. this OCCT test quite more higher than Crysis 2 game.

    I would only say that if you are into some serious problem then you can try out Prime95. I personally went too worst with IntelBurn configuration test having 60C. it is really senseless to waste so much of time in just finding a proper CPU cooler with attached screws and removing Dell backplate. Instead of doing so you can follow my way, better you get screws which would fit the Dell backplate and then get some strong cooler. I did the same thing and until now never faced any issue. At least I am able to beat your setup. And I probably if I was able to know about Artic 13 during my setup I would have been surely got the best result out of it. Anyways if possible you try it out.

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