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Thread: Hard Disk Free space does not change

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    Hard Disk Free space does not change

    It looks like a newbie question but there is no way I could able to find answer for this and it still a mystery for me. Recently I have installed second HDD on my computer in which I would like to run some programs rather than storing data. Although I have uninstalled some programs which were previously included but the disk information was showing somewhat wrong result. If I am uninstalling the program, the HDD free space should increase but here it remains the same even after uninstalling around 4GB or programs. I have doubled check everything one it including hidden contents. It should show 50GB free but it reads as only 45GB free. Where is the other 5GB free space?

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    Re: Hard Disk Free space does not change

    I assume that it is showing proper hard disk space. This is happening probably due to the primary difference between the GiB (binary gigabyte) and GB (decimal gigabyte). Usually third party programs calculate the HDD using the GB whereas the Windows OS normally calculates using GiB. You must know that GiB is smaller than a GB. If you are using a 100GB drive, you will see about 7 GB difference. If your HDD is for Windows OS, then it could be possible that it backing up both the main drive to where you have installed the Windows. Go the System Restore settings and see which HDD is being checked and backed up.

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    Re: Hard Disk Free space does not change

    I do not know how you call it, but there is an area of hard disk space that says when one is free or not and that it must be faulty, I do not know if there is an easy solution for this problem, but I believe that only a low-level formatting could solve the problem. When you delete the file either in Windows Vista or XP, but what did place a file in the trash and empty the trash after you, or when it removes spanking shift + delete to delete files permanently saying, they are not actually deleted, delete the file’s saying is no longer directly accessible, and is deleted only when needed (by adding new files). To permanently delete a file, there is a free utility called glary utilities, which can permanently remove files. If you intend to use this software and especially the function of deletion of files, why, once the software is installed and started, it must go in the "Modules", then in the sub tab "Privacy, Security”, then "file shredder". A window will open; go in the "wipe free space, select the hard drive clean and then click on" clean”. .

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    Re: Hard Disk Free space does not change

    The HDD space or size rule is as follows and it is somewhat different than the External HDDs. Any sizes are measured SO ruling this simple rule:
    • 1KB = 1024 bytes
    • 1MB = 1024KB
    • 1GB = 1024MB

    In the world of marketing hard drives, use this:
    • 1KB = 1000 bytes
    • 1MB = 1000 KB
    • 1 GB = 1000GB

    You should have an application called "Disk Cleaner" (do a search in the start menu to find it). If this does not suffice, deletes files (large) that you are more like games for example, and then put your audio files, video on external hard drive.

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    Re: Hard Disk Free space does not change

    You have to download and install a good program in order to see the filling status of the Hard Disk. When the computer is new or has recently purchased, this is a problem that does not arise (thus these programs do not need). With time, however, especially when you install various games and programs, the hard disk fills up and becomes hard to see where it ended up all the space we had. These programs come in a few seconds for us to see where and how busy the space on your hard disk.
    • TreeSize Free : Unlike JDisk Report, there is a graphical representation showing folders and the space occupied by each (with various diagrams), but information that is given is complete and comprehensive. Within minutes you can figure out where they went to finish those entire GB we once had and now seem to disappear into thin air. It’s fast and accurate, but that access is more than enough for most users.
    • Xinorbis (freeware and shareware): One of the best programs with beautiful graphic interface. It is lightweight (only 2 MB), and above all no need to install it. Eventually we will have a series graphs (pie, bar), we show how busy the space of our record. Everything is top notch. Only note the fact that to remove the files that we tried in excess of a process not an immediate need. The version you can download never expires.
    • DriveSpacio: It has both a graphical representation (bar, pie, etc...) and a numeric representation. You may request the display of folders, and navigate in them with a remarkable speed, so you can see in a few moments as they were busy GB hard drive.

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    Re: Hard Disk Free space does not change

    It is possibly the hard disk cache or temporary files. Go to start / all programs / accessories / system tool / free space, another thing is that you download CCleaner cleans the hard drive of these temp files. Try that first and let us know if you turned or not. The "delete" of these files will be moved to the Recycle Bin. So your data is still there. Whenever you have deleted programs, it might have created restore points, which sometimes occupy additional space. The behavior of your system's normal that you should empty if not absolutely necessary, not the trash, let alone delete the restore points. Because you never know. If your trash is full, or more than about 12% disk space used by System Restore, your system runs independently of the revenue.

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