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Thread: Using the old air conditioner fan coil for cooling PC

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    Using the old air conditioner fan coil for cooling PC

    hi guys

    I like to share my experience here about the thing that I have done to cooling my PC with the old air conditioner fan coil, well the problem started to me when I have sifted my computer on the server rack, suddenly the computer started to overheating, so I made few research on the web and found out an article that had mention the solution to same exact technique , the way was to make them cook with the use of the high speed fans, which by the way was making really very hard noise . I have to use the old air conditioner fan coil that I was suppose to sent to the scrap but, I am glad that I saved it so I use the fan coil from that air conditioner and used it

    Here is my Build speck
    1. AMD FX 8150 Zambezi (3.6ghz 8 core) processor with the Swiftech Apogee HD
    2. ASUS AMD Radeon Dual Fan HD 6950 graphic card two of them with the Swiftech MCW82 Universal GPU waterblock
    3. ASUS Crosshair V Formula motherboard
    4. CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB (4 x 4GB) Ram

    I have two fan of 120MM and one of the 80 MM fans on that case , don’t have any fan for the radiator as I thinjk there is no room to fix the fan on the radiator and beside that would even not looks goods. I am getting the temp of around 40C to 45C on the CPU that is running on the 3.9ghz, and 95% capacity with BOINC. I played the BF3 and the temp that I am getting is the 50 to 53C , I have still not experience the a transient temp above 60C, but I don’t know what to choose top stress the system… can anyone here suggest the better application for stress test?. Well until now I have not seen any kind of issue on this .. so I will like if anyone here like to share anything on this , it will be really be great to see that .

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    Re: Using the old air conditioner fan coil for cooling PC

    Thanks for that information , I really like that but the sad thing is that I don’t have the air conditioner fan coil that I can test this , now if you want to do the stress test then I like to suggest that you use the RealTemp application , it is the best application for the monitor temps testing , but I am really very much Impressed with the cool temperature 45C . is there any special reason to that because I know that the Intel and VGA cards can pull this off but I have serious doubt about the AMD, it is really nice to see that you are getting such a good temperature . here is the important tip I like to suggest you that use the 3/8" ID in tubing will use the less place. All in all this is really a nice affords

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    Re: Using the old air conditioner fan coil for cooling PC

    Well I like to suggest you to use the Prime 95 for CPU stress-testing, this is a program uses at the Torture Test the CPU to the limit, then surely the conclusion to a stable CPU in a successful test run, so unfortunately, the weak point of this test is a mistake. A perfect system should, however, can pass the Prime95 test. These only need to activate the network connection. Power costs during extended testing sessions, of course, still, otherwise the program may be used free of charge. And for the VGA stress-testing I like to suggest the Furmark. Well I use the OCCT for stress testing and it can also give the temp monitoring a s well . this is nice information canít wait to test this in my own system. But there is something that I need to ask you about here , how long did you have running this build up of yours and what exactly is the ambient temp in that room and the moist important this is that I need to know which pump are you using . Because I am not sure about this but the stuff like that runs for few hour and later the air flow will not work or the chilling device will stop working.

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    Re: Using the old air conditioner fan coil for cooling PC

    Welll I am using this RAD set up for a month now and it is working just fine, the a Ambient temp room temp is about somewhere near 70F to 80F. well I donít run the fan in the room if I feel the temp rising and the pump I am using is the Aquacomputer Aquastream XT USB 12V Pump- Ultra Version which has based on the 1046 which was amended electronics to achieve maximum throughput and improved performance. The pump has a USB port (cable supplied) and allows to be monitored via software AquaSuite With its height of 4.2m Discharge pump is extremely effective for your watercooling system. My this computer has the consistently run over 60C, and with the similar ambient temps it will shut down

    I have done few test and the graph donít seem that important for the test , now I am bit in doubt that why is it the CPU so that cooler than the CPU core. It I s yet below the 50 C but I guess that after running on the temp of 90% CPU load with BOINC , the bionic is not that stress tester . I can try some of the set of rack mount fans that I have but that is really very noisy

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    Re: Using the old air conditioner fan coil for cooling PC

    What are you using for stress testing the VGA cards? I scan that the GPU temp of that VGA card simply hits the mid 90's on air. however i can not notice a suitable vary for the VGA card's memory modules. It will create 60įC appear less threatening. This thread still recommended heatsinks and sensible air-flow...or a full-cover if you'll work it. It appears like you're employing a universal GPU while not adequate VRM and memory module cooling. This can be thus common with universals as a result of it's laborious to urge the heat-sinks to stay even below ideal circumstances. Some use double-sided heat-sink tape by 3M. Some use to a small degree of superglue however it are often conductive thus take care and it will create the heat-sink attachment permanent. My teacher mixed epoxy and Arctic Silver five to urge his favorite quantity of "stick".

    You may got to increase case air-flow by obtaining a hole-saw and cutting into your case for a a hundred and twenty or perhaps a ninety two mm fan blowing onto your cards. Naturally, obtaining rid of as several fittings as potential and switching to 3/8" ID tubing would improve air-flow over the large orange tubes, however be plenty of labor.

    What sort of memory coolers are you referring to? Link please. Another issue that typically helps is to urge an infra-red heat thermometer and purpose at the cardboard for the new spots thus you recognize where to stick on the heat-sinks. Here are 2 sizes of normal heat-sinks if they're going to work. . Hope this helps. Good luck

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    Re: Using the old air conditioner fan coil for cooling PC

    I suspect the 60įC isn't that dangerous. And it appears like you have got the heat-sink to card coated if you'll get the most effective air-flow to tickle the heat-sinks. it might be sensible to understand temps you get gaming if that's how you utilize the build. I used a Swiftech universal for to a small degree. The GPU is cool however not that the remainder of the cardboard while not sensible air-flow. I ran the GTX 280 for a minute with the universal and high air-flow during a Cooler Master HAF 932 case and did not kill it thus that is sensible. Naturally, everybody worries regarding the heat-sinks falling off as a result of they nearly always do fall off. i'm guessing that is typically because it happens to all or any people who have used universals, we'd hear a lot of if it caused havoc. Nearly all the posts regarding universal GPU blocks have one by identical author a brief time later titled, "How do I keep the heat-sinks on?"

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    Re: Using the old air conditioner fan coil for cooling PC

    I am not sure about this I thing that I might be mistaken for AMD. However on Intel CPU processors as well as boards, "CPU" over and over refers to the thermal sensor in the cap or else IHS of the CPU chip. That is really very different reading that is displayed on the CPU core, that is what is from a sensor on the core of the chip so that is why it is that hotter. together are recorded by the chip's sensors as well as data transmitted to the motherboard BIOS.

    Well that raise very important question that how can be, I am really puzzled with this. all the stress testing as well as monitoring utilities that is currently available , how can a same readings shows the different stuff by different manufacturers?

    I know how to overclock the on an eVGA board 1366 platform 920 Core i7 chip and the stuff that I told you is what I think to be accurate for that system. It perhaps also be appropriate to your computer and it con make sense however I can't be 100% sure.

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