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Thread: Missing artwork in Logitech Squeezebox Radio

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    Missing artwork in Logitech Squeezebox Radio

    Hello friends, I am containing two Squeezbox Radio that also both of them are having same options. But I started to getting problem with one of them, as it has started missing Artwork for Radiostations. Most of time it is been displayed for just some seconds after that standard-artwork is not coming up for them. When I was checking on other radio then it was working fine and there was no problem with it, was working proper. I am stuck with one and does not knowing that how I can find artwork for the radio stations again? Does anyone is know anything then please do tell me about it. Thank you.

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    re: Missing artwork in Logitech Squeezebox Radio

    What you have told then you are able to see Artwork for Radio station not always but only for sometimes. It will be much better if you are able to tell me that what call sign you have got it is and due to which you are not able to check Artwork. I would suggest that did you try to perform a Firmware update for this particular Radio which is been giving you a problem. If you have not tried then you better go to Settings, in that select advanced option in it, after that you select Software Update then it will be start update for your Radio. So whatever is going on then let it be going on and check that it solving problem of yours.

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