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Thread: Hard Drive warning in Lenovo C200 all-in-one desktop PC

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    Hard Drive warning in Lenovo C200 all-in-one desktop PC

    From the past one year I have been using the Lenovo C200 all in one Desktop computer which is running Windows 7 home premium. Now I am upgrading it but before that I thought to do a full diagnostic to make sure everything is ok. But I got three failures.
    • Target read test ...failed
    • Smart short test....failed
    • Surface scan test... failed

    My friend told me that my computer HDD is about to fail and need a quick back up. Do you think that Hard Drive failure is normal after 3 years? Or did I do anything that caused HDD to fail?

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    Re: Hard Drive warning in Lenovo C200 all-in-one desktop PC

    Hard Drives usually fails due to many reasons. Some Hard drives might fail in a month or a year or some might last years. It will not fail due to anything you did or didnít. There might be obvious reasons for that like excessive usage or excessive format.

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