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Thread: HP t5740e image Capture does not keep all Settings

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    HP t5740e image Capture does not keep all Settings

    I ran the ThinState Capture tool to capture image and send it to a USB Drive so that I can easily roll the settings on HP t5740e thin clients running WES 7. Here everything was fine. So assuming the same thing I followed the same procedure on t5740 WES 7 Thin Clients. Here everything worked fine but the settings where not as needed, they have changed. I didn’t get the HP Logon Manager settings and also the Time Zone or Clock settings. Looks like some higher level settings will not be retained using the USB image. I need to get all settings committed as Administrator logon. Any solution?

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    Re: HP t5740e image Capture does not keep all Settings

    Actually in my case I am not using the HPDM, so I cannot tell anything about it since I am not satisfied with its capability. I use just a USB key. But here the system tries to sign in using only User Account and times settings are not retained. The problem may lies in the sysprep that is different in WES7.

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    Re: HP t5740e image Capture does not keep all Settings

    I use template to move the image and apply a setting. The sysprep or the image clone seems like to use default settings only. I do following things:
    • Upgrade agent and copy new image
    • Set the agent settings (gateway ip)
    • Apply the settings (vnc, region, and keyboard) and put a distribution version text file
    • After rebooting, you will get asset information.

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    Re: HP t5740e image Capture does not keep all Settings

    My HP Device Manger 4.3 working with slow SFTP speeds during cloning or deploying images. I tried the new version also but it didnít solve the SFTP issues. Right now I am on HPDM_4.3.10094 and it didnít work as I needed. The workaround is you need to use virtual machine and take snapshot before upgrade

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