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Thread: Power supply cable length

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    Power supply cable length

    Hi, guys I am looking to buy DiabloTek PSUL575 power supply for me but I am not sure about the length of power supply cable in this PSU . I am going to buy one cabinet from these three :
    • Cooler Master RC-932-KKN5-GP
    • Cooler Master RC-942-KKN1
    • Cooler Master RC-430-KWN1 Elite 430

    I want to know about the length of the ATX+12v's and P1 power connector from above mentioned PSU. This power supply should fit into one of those cabinets.

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    Re: Power supply cable length

    I have Cooler Master 912 HAF in Mid Tower case. I have mounted it at the bottom of the case. I am using the 8 pin CPU connector on my motherboard. It will also depend on how your motherboard is installed in your cabinet with respect to the PSU position. If your PSU is near your motherboard then it should not make any problem as it will hardly be of few inches away from motherboard. I did not like the power supply you are talking about instead you should use Antec neo eco 400c 400w. This PSU has got very good review also.

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    Re: Power supply cable length

    I would recommend you Corsair CP-9020006-NA power supply. If you will read its review then you will come to know that it is 90% efficient and it is also better trusted among all the computer users. It provides you voltage stability and modular cables it its unit. The cables in this unit are long and flexible, so it doesn’t matter how big is your cabinet and how complex your wiring is. You will always be able to use this power supply efficiently and effectively. As it provides 650W of power supply it is also more than enough for you.

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    Re: Power supply cable length

    No way I never trust on the diablotek and cooler master . it will be better if you get one of Antec ,corsair or seasonic PSU. My friend has the seasonic S12II 520W and he just bought it for $60. After looking at his PSU performance I am also looking to buy this one. It is powerful yet silent. It also gives you the long wires keeping in mind full size gaming cabinets. You can also use the Nvidia GeForce 570 on this cabinet. Corsair CP-9020006-NA power supply is also good but it is more costlier than this one. So you can save money if you buy seasonic S12II 520W.

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