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Thread: unable to setup my Brother MFC-5895cw printer

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    unable to setup my Brother MFC-5895cw printer

    Hi, I have just bought the new Brother MFC-5895cw printer and I was trying to install the printer by following the exact method written in the manual. After installation when I insert the ink cartridge and select “color print” for testing I get is only couple of blue lines. I have tried the self-cleaning and test printing couple of time but I get same result all the time. Do you guys have any ideas about this incident?

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    Re: unable to setup my Brother MFC-5895cw printer

    Here is the simple guide for installing your printer, it will work on windows XP, VISTA and Windows 7:
    1. Make sure that your computer is logged on with an administrator account. Remove any memory card or flash drive attached to your computer.
    2. Now put CD that you have got with printer into computer CD-ROM and run it. From the main menu select “initial installation” after that select the ”install the MFL- Pro suite”. After installing it you will get the popup just press “ok” and restart the computer. If installation doesn’t start automatically then manually go to the start.exe and continue from the sane step.
    3. Confirm the ScanSoft License agreement by clicking “yes” , once you accept the agreement, it will start its installation and followed by the MFL-Pro suite.
    4. After accepting the MFL-pro suite agreement, select local connection from next screen and continue with the installation.
    5. Now it’s time to connect the printer. Lift the scanner cover and connect the USB cable on proper USB port shown inside the printer on the right side. Set cable properly through the printer to computer and close the scanner cover now.
    6. After this installation will continue automatically again. For windows VISTA and Windows 7 installation will complete after you receive the screen with windows security. Click the “install” to complete the setup.
    7. You will have to register yourself online in next screen and after that click next and then finish to complete the installation. Restart the computer now!
    8. After restarting if you get any error message then run “installation diagnostics” which located in start/all programs/ brother/MFC-xxxx .you will have update your firmware for that go to firmware update setting.

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