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Thread: How is the performance of Sony Vaio Z2 SSD

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    How is the performance of Sony Vaio Z2 SSD

    Hello friends, This seems that the new Z2's SATA III interface is going to make the difference if we compare this one with the previous models of this. I am using the same and I found that the it is poor to write the disk but reading is really great. Overall, I am happy with that and I am posting my experience with this here. I want you people to post the performance of Sony Vaio Z2 SSD here so that it will be bhelpful for others to decide whether it is worth to get it or not.

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    Re: How is the performance of Sony Vaio Z2 SSD

    I am using the Sony Vaio Z VPCZ21V9E and I can say that this is the latest wonder for us as this is designed with care for their best engineers and presented as a demonstration of technological expertise. So, Sony has managed to assemble an Intel Core i7 next generation on a computer that does not exceed 17 mm thickness and weighs 1.1 kilograms. This is built with quality materials and a perfect fit about craft.

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    Re: How is the performance of Sony Vaio Z2 SSD

    Sony is always best with their products and this if we talks about the Sony Vaio Z2 SSD then that is also good. There are some of the people who are making complaint regarding its performance but that is very rare case. There could be some other reason for this.

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    Re: How is the performance of Sony Vaio Z2 SSD

    OK, I am going to get this Sony Vaio Z2 SSD and this is the final decision. This is my final decision and I hope that Sony will not disappoint me.

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