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Thread: Need Best PC configuration in Rs 25000 for 2012

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    Need Best PC configuration in Rs 25000 for 2012

    I am college guy and i decided to buy best PC that comes within Rs 25000. My dad wants to give me new year gift and they told me to choose best PC configuration. I need PC that comes with graphics card. I hope many users suggest me few configuration based PC. Thanks for any such help.

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    Re: Need Best PC configuration in Rs 25000 for 2012

    Nvidia declares that AMD Radeon HD 7970 comes out in market. So, select it for your PC. As per my knowledge, its price is less than Rs. 10000/-. It is compatible with Intel i7 3960x Hexa Core processor, Crucial M4 128GB SATA III MLC SSD, Antec TPQ 1200watt PSU and ASUS Blu Ray BD ROM. I hope your budget wont cross arround Rs 25000/ with this config.

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    Re: Need Best PC configuration in Rs 25000 for 2012

    If you think about buying the best configuration based PC within Rs 25000/-, assembled PC is best for you. Within this budget, you can get below configuration. I bought the same configuration within Rs 29000/-. May be it will decrease in your case, because day by day PC config cost decreases.
    You can choose intel core i3 2100, corsair 4gb ddr3 @ 1333mhz, WD 500gb, ati 5570 1gb ddr3 GPU. Also i used asus p8h61 motherboard for it. sony dvd writer, intex 450w PSU, zebronics ring atx cabinet, viewsonic led 18.5 inch monitor and logitech keyboard mouse. All this configuration comes within arround Rs 29000/-, last week. So, check current price of this configuration.

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    Re: Need Best PC configuration in Rs 25000 for 2012

    In todays world laptop is best for individual purpose, compared to the desktop pc. You can buy a laptop and can easily carry it. If you think about laptop, then, Dell Inspiron 11, Samsung NF210, Samsung RV508, Acer eMachine e732Z, Asus Eee PC 1002HA are few choices for you. All of them comes between Rs 20000/- to Rs 25000/-. So, check the configuration of the laptop and if you like one of them, buy it.

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    Re: Need Best PC configuration in Rs 25000 for 2012

    Yesterday, i purchased new PC with below configuration and price.
    • CPU-Intel Dual Core 1.6 ghz - Rs3,900.
    • Motherboard - ASUS M2V-MX - Rs 2,900.
    • Ram - 1 gb kingston - Rs 1,700.
    • Hard Disk - seagate 160gb - Rs 2,300.
    • Monitor - samsung 17 inch flat monitor - Rs 4,800
    • Cabinet - frontech - Rs1,000
    • DVDRAM - Buy lg DVD - Rs 1,600
    • Keyboard, Mouse - Logitech - Rs 450
    • UPS- Microtek 600va - Rs 1,800.
    • Windows XP sp3 with Kaspersky antivirus.

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    Re: Need Best PC configuration in Rs 25000 for 2012

    If you need some more intresting PC configuration think about below configurations. Its also well for your budget with latest configuration demand.
    1. CPU - Intel Core 2 duo 2.0 Ghz
    2. Mobo - Intel Desktop Board DQ45CB
    3. Graphic card - Super Multi NVIDIA GeForce GT 130M
    4. RAM - 1 GB Transcend
    5. Hard Disk - 160 GB Segate
    6. monitor - Viewsonic LCD 19 inch widescreen
    7. keyboard, mouse - iball.

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