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Thread: How to use sky + box in India

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    How to use sky + box in India

    Currently I am living in UK. I originally from India but hardly leaves there. I have been using SKY + box but just now upgraded to HD. AS I am moving to India next week, I would like to know whether I can use it there or not. I think I can get good local SKY PACKAGE there. The problem is that changing to a quad LNB but what about the decoder. Do you think that it is locked to SKY here or not?

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    Re: How to use sky + box in India

    I think that it could be possible. You can get free to air channels broadcasting but it is only in the Ku band. The only problem is SDB's much clunky and may not be viewable. The best idea is sell it or leave it as it is and buy a cheap satellite receiver in India. You may not know that in India there are several companies providing HD setup boxes from which you get any favorite channels on your needs and everything will stream in HD. The installation is also very easy and much affordable by anyone.

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    Re: How to use sky + box in India

    In India I donít think that you need to buy a sky box or something like satellite receivers for broadcasting. If you are really living for the short term then it would be better to get a cabled connection to your location. You need to inquire in your locality. There might be several third party cable service providers who will get you a cable connection. The installation charges are minimal. You only need to care about monthly rental. You may not get HD video via that but will get you a good resolution if you have a good TV.

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    Re: How to use sky + box in India

    You can get a Tata Sky digicomp(digibox ) in India, which only costs 3000Rs(£37 approx). Moreover the
    Installation charge is £13 and the top package charges are £3.70/month. I am using it and this is the best HD receiver.

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    Re: How to use sky + box in India

    You should first know and understand whereabouts in South Asia. About the regions which you are talking about. You also need to know what kind of programs and languages you would like to watch. In every country you can surely find any type of receivers and dishes for much cheaper cost and you will need everything of your purpose. More than that you are able to record your favorite shows, movies as well as songs whenever you want.

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    Re: How to use sky + box in India

    It looks like Tatasky is some kind of half owned service among Tata as well as Sky. If you look deeply into it both of them uses the identical encryption system and same frequencies . Only change is that both will need their own specific firmware utilized to generate the EPG along with the same Viewing Card format. Anyway the SKY + box wontí work in your area.

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