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Thread: Why Corsair AX1200 fails to rail 12 Volts

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    Why Corsair AX1200 fails to rail 12 Volts

    I am using the Corsair AX1200 PSU in my system from the last 6 month, this is the best PSU but however now a days I am dealing with some of the problems with the error there in the Corsair AX1200 that at starting it show 12 volt and then rail to 11.80 volts and then after some of the time it rail to 11.00 volts and not seem to came back to the normal Volts. So I just want to know what this issue is or the error is there in this PSU. Will it harm the system in future or I have to replace this with the new one. So if you guys have any of the information or any of the suggestion for this issue, then please do the reply. Any of the suggestion will be appreciated and thanks.

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    Re: Why Corsair AX1200 fails to rail 12 Volts

    I think this will be the main power supply issue, since this thing happen if the power that are required by the Corsair AX1200 PSU is not sufficient. So first make the verification there in the main power cable and make the require update or the changes for the cables to make this thing to works fine, and also you can make the replacement for this PSU and try to get the new Corsair AX1200 PSU to get the best result and to avoid the future failure for the system.

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    Re: Why Corsair AX1200 fails to rail 12 Volts

    I Think this is the Motherboard issue, may the bios fail to initialize the configuration proper, so you just try this thing may it will work for you. Just format the system and reinstall the whole OS and the updated drivers and BIOS. This is require because some of the time due to sudden Power failure the BIOS get corrupt or some of the changes occurs in the System BIOS which need for the update to perform normally.

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    Re: Why Corsair AX1200 fails to rail 12 Volts

    According to my information this is not the big issue so there is no need for the changes of this Corsair AX1200 PSU with the new one; this will not show any of the affect or doesn’t interfere with the other application. So there is nothing to worry about, however you can make the verification for the cable that are connected to this PSU is properly connected or not if there are some of the connection is not proper make the fix for those connection.

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    Re: Why Corsair AX1200 fails to rail 12 Volts

    This are the thing that will happens with some of the internal issue for the loss connection of the parts of the system, because of the loss connection there are the chances for the flow of the currents volts not properly. So I think that you just make the verification of these connection with the sockets and there in the PSU. After that you can try to boot the system, this ill be fix this issue for the variation of the volts there in the system PSU.

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