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Thread: TP link adapter slow download problem

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    ohmy TP link adapter slow download problem

    JUst bought PCI TP-Link adapter from ( )

    So when I built in adapter,everything was all right. After I tried to download something and it was downloading with 300 Kb\s. Before my download quality was 700 Kb\s, without adapter( With "local area connection"). Can someone help me? I think,I have to change some settings in but I don't really understand ports and other things . PLease help. Thanks

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    Re: TP link adapter slow download problem

    Somehow your bandwidth gets restricted. It can be due to default configuration settings. But there is other stuff you can check. I had provided a link of guide which can give you setup of entire stuff. Read the below pdf guide and check in the same.The wifi adapter guide has all hardware and software wise installation instruction.

    TL-WN951N 300Mbps Wireless N PCI Adapter User Guide

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