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Thread: Lenovo H405 shows "HDMI audio Not plugged in"

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    Lenovo H405 shows "HDMI audio Not plugged in"

    Just got a new Lenovo H405, machine type 7723 (this is the closest I have found so far for everything I need). The "sound devices" page displays "HDMI does not plugged in". I attempted many stuff: made certain HDMI is on inside BIOS; updated nvidia drivers as well as Lenovo HD drivers. It at rest shows showing the same message. I have connected the cable properly and I am receiving video on TV, and while I plug this cable into my laptop - I am receiving video as well as sound. Therefore there is no doubt about the TV.

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    Re: Lenovo H405 shows "HDMI audio Not plugged in"

    Tell us if you have tried without audio via HDMI, just digitally, if it works, to point the problem to the input (common to both modes) or only the output (HDMI if it works in digital mode, normal)

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    Re: Lenovo H405 shows "HDMI audio Not plugged in"

    The truth is I do not understand the question, but nothing happens, I'm told that the DVI to HDMI disables the function of the audio, or just the audio is not output DVI video card, if it be so , then it seems totally ridiculous and absurd that a video card and audio drivers THROUGH offer this type of connection, not what I mean, but that adapter is impossible to connect the PC to the TV

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    Re: Lenovo H405 shows "HDMI audio Not plugged in"

    I know the DVI connection does not transmit sound, single image, the audio will have to take apart another cable to your TV.

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    Re: Lenovo H405 shows "HDMI audio Not plugged in"

    You cannot carry sound from the TV to the system via HDMI 1.3 (came with 1.4), which I would bet there is in both your TV and your Sony surround.

    You slices not know what it is for a facility, but if it's one of the cheap, there's probably not even sound input.

    If there is either analog (red / white RCA) or digital (coaxial or optical), drag a cable from the TV to one of the inputs.

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    Re: Lenovo H405 shows "HDMI audio Not plugged in"

    In the Device Manager to get out should also "High definitio ATI Audio Device" and then "Playback Devices" you should be able to select from the following options:
    • ATI HDMI Output
    • Speakers
    • Headphones
    • Digital Audio (S / PDIF)

    Try installing the latest ATI drivers Win7_64 (9.11), I commented because I have a HD4770 + Win7_64 with these drivers, and I get these options.

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    Re: Lenovo H405 shows "HDMI audio Not plugged in"

    I would guess that it is a setting on the TV which does not stand to play the sound. Try and go through the different AV channels on the TV and see if there is audio on some channels. The next will be to test the audio output on your computer eg a set of headphones. If there is sound in them are the settings on your TV (if not otherwise there is defect in the cable or television).

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    Re: Lenovo H405 shows "HDMI audio Not plugged in"

    On the Internet we have found different recommendations, from replacing the cable, using special adapters and much more. These recommendations were not applicable to our case, however. Once again not work via HDMI and the audio transmission. A replacement of the cable to a high quality HDMI cable did not succeed. After some searching, it became clear that the problem is either the graphics card HDMI output or the HDMI input of the TV was (LCD TV from LG).
    • If the TV is in TV mode (with LG "signal source antenna") operated, switched on the PC first and then switched to the HDMI input ("HDMI signal source"), the sound did not work.
    • However, the TV was first converted to the HDMI input and switched on the PC then the sound worked when booting the PC immediately.

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    Re: Lenovo H405 shows "HDMI audio Not plugged in"

    It seems to me now that the problem only appears in 64-bit versions of the operating system occurs, the cause appears on the ATI graphics card driver to lie. Unfortunately we had no further comparisons are available to go to get to the bottom Once we know the cause but now, good enough for us but from the manual workaround.

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