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Thread: Keyboard Backslash \ displays #

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    Keyboard Backslash \ displays #

    Hi All

    I have a compaq Desktop and a DEll Laptop, I have keboard issues. my backslash \
    displays its a backslash \ when you type in notepad or word but when you type it in run\ login screen it displays #.
    This is such a headache.

    I've tried changing the keyboad options on control panel tried both to UK, Inited States and South Africa.

    Help appreciated thanks.

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    Re: Keyboard Backslash \ displays #

    I think you have changed the regional keyboard settings, so to revert it back follow the below steps:
    1. First go to control panel
    2. After that go to regional and language
    3. Click keyboard and languages tab at top
    4. Click change keyboard
    5. Change top to uk and delete US keyboard
    6. Click apply then ok
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