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Thread: Mini-ITX Vs the older Simple form factor

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    Mini-ITX Vs the older Simple form factor

    I hold a more advanced in years "SFF" PC that I assembled around 2004 as my first HTPC. It was a socket AMD setup. The motherboard went bad on it and its been sitting on a ledge on account of then. Would I be able to put a scaled mini-ITX board in this crate? It's got an excellent case and a working, more diminutive power supply, which I'd get a kick out of any chance to re-utilize instead of toss out in the event that I am able to. Unfortunately, I have no clue if an ITX sheet could fit the case. Anyway I could root out alternate than actually utilizing a measuring tape and trusting the most favorable outcome that could be expected?

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    Re: Mini-ITX Vs the older Simple form factor

    Mini ITX is a genuine shape variable (standard) for motherboard estimate. SFF unequivocally points "small version factor" and is for the most part received to mean anything that utilization a more modest motherboard than ATX. Your old EPoX box is comparative to the Shuttle boxes, and AFAIK is not smaller than normal ITX. The ITX sheets physically fit within the case but the case will need some modding. Unequivocally do a quest for modding a Shuttle box to fit ITX, for some ideas.

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    Re: Mini-ITX Vs the older Simple form factor

    By modding, it is safe to say that you are talking attempting to pick cooling fans that will work within the limitations the case, or is it accurate to say that we are talking cutting, dremeling, and tackwelding standoffs? C I could probably do either, but the last won't be pretty provided that I do it.

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    Re: Mini-ITX Vs the older Simple form factor

    It's not positively a computer I should assemble for anything right now, but I prefer not to discard it depending on if I could probably utilize it in the fate. I'll hunt around down shuttle mods and see depending on if I am able to consider anything. Generally I may unequivocally pull the power supply for destiny use/backup and scrap the case.

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