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Thread: Fixing ntfs on Western digital drive

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    Fixing ntfs on Western digital drive

    I own two drives. I one is 500GB Samsung drive which is the primary one running operating system. The second one is a 1TB western digital drive which I kept for data backup. But I found it slow. I do not thing, it is working on that speed which I found at the start. The drive is just 2 months old. I added one more drive of 1Tb from samsung. The first two drives are working but the second one 1TB western digital is slow. I am looking for some fix for that. The third drive is giving ntfs partition error. I did not begin with any installation and setup. I want to use this drive for my operating system and others will be for data. So need some better solutions to fix them both. Thanks.

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    Re: Fixing ntfs on Western digital drive

    NTFS error appears when the ntfs boot sector is damaged and the data on it cannot be accessed. I am sure that this is not a new drive or else the issue might not have occurred. You can format the drive via Windows or any live cd to make it working.

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    Re: Fixing ntfs on Western digital drive

    There is an tool which is called as TestDisk. You can use to backup boot sector for fixing the corrupted NTFS boot sector. Remember it is an advance tool and if you have no idea it will a waste of time. For other major issue youc an still reach your service center for replacement. The boot sector gets corrupted due to virus and many other reasons. So you can simply use many troubleshooting tools to fix it. You can even format that drive directly in Windows. Connect the drive and right click on on my computer > manage. Go go disk management and then right click the drive and format it as per your need. This works in most of the cases and easiest way also.

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    Re: Fixing ntfs on Western digital drive

    I have some configuration that can improve the disk performance. But remember if you follow this, there are more chances for data loss or damage in case of sudden power failure. So that must be done on your risk only. Be sure that your system is connect to proper power source and it is not disconnected in between. Also ensure that you have a backup of your entire data before performing this task. For such think always use a ups to avoid power loss in between. Go to Control Panel and then click on System. Search for Device Manager in that. In this part you can see the drives list. Find the drive which you want to fix. Now right click on that and from the context menu select Properties > Policy Enable disk write cache > Enable extra performance and save the changes.

    You can now test your system after performing this. Restart your system once. Once everything is saved you will need to run Task Manager. In that look for Controllers IDE ATA / ATAPI and go for the properties of all drivers. In that go in Advance setting and enable DMA. Again now checkback your drivers performance. It is also possible to gain some speed with the hard drive in some computer models, enabling the BLOCK TRANSFER IDE (IDE Block Transfer) that can be found in the BIOS. At the same time, it can also be interesting to activate internal and external caches.

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    Re: Fixing ntfs on Western digital drive

    The primary boot sector is sector zero of the file system. And the backup of the NTFS boot sector is located near the end of the file system. There is an dump file which can be used view the sector content in both hexadecimal and ASCII. f both are corrupt NTFS boot sectors, you must restore the NTFS Boot sector. You can use some bootable disc to fix that for example TestDisk. UBCD is also an help live disc for the same reason.

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