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Thread: How to Scan with the HP DeskJet F2480 Printer

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    How to Scan with the HP DeskJet F2480 Printer

    My friend gifted me a HP DeskJet F2480 Printer on my 21st birthday. There is no doubt about the performance of this printer. This printer is all in one you can scan print or Xerox with this printer. I always use printer never used scanner. Yesterday I required using scanner but I am not able to use scanner because I do not have knowledge about this scanner. Therefore, can anyone tell how I use scanner of my HP DeskJet F2480 Printer?

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    Re: How to Scan with the HP DeskJet F2480 Printer

    First, ensure that you have installed the CD, which you get with the HP DeskJet printer. The full features you cannot be access until you installed the driver. After installing you can open HP Solution Center, icon and you will find some Scan option. Just click on that option and then scan the copy through the scanned. Moreover, save the file the file will be the .jpg format and it is by default save in Document folder of your computer. The folder name will be MyScans in vista I have no idea about XP because until yet I have not used.

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    Re: How to Scan with the HP DeskJet F2480 Printer

    I am old man and I am not much friendly with computer handling. When I come to know, I got some more problems. Recently I have bought HP DeskJet F2480 and I am not able to scan my grandson images in to my computer. Therefore, can anyone tell me how I can scan my grandson images?

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    Re: How to Scan with the HP DeskJet F2480 Printer

    You can use HP solution Center, which you will find in your computer or laptop wherever you installed the driver of HP printer. just open the HP Solution Center icon and there you will find Help option just click on that you find solution for how to scan, how to print etc. so just click on how to scan and you find solution for this problem just read that text.

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    Re: How to Scan with the HP DeskJet F2480 Printer

    1. First, decide which type of image you want and after deciding start HP DeskJet printer. Clean the scanner glass before placing the pictures in the scanner.
    2. After cleaning select File option and then Acquire. Adjust the resolution according to you then adjust color mode add a filter effect, size and other settings to accomplish the best quality scan.
    3. Then save your images in your hard disk. Thus, you know that this printer save images file as high quality so that after editing also it is not compressed. If you are enlarging an original 4 x 6 photo to 8.5 x 11, save the scanned image at 600 dpi resolution. This type of image can be uploading on internet at quick rate. This image by default saved as a JPG format file.

    Hope you will able to download after reading my solution.

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    Re: How to Scan with the HP DeskJet F2480 Printer

    Friend you are so helpful. After all your solutions, especially MAYUR JAIN solution helps me more. thanks for this solution.

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