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Thread: How to recognize DVD-RW in windows 7

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    How to recognize DVD-RW in windows 7

    I have assembled my PC last morning and install the OS Windows 7, but the problem arise it doesnt recognized my DVD-RWs I have try my best but not success, I have search for this solution in various websites but still I dont get the exact answer for my problems, so if you people have some information how to recognized DVD-RWs in windows7 just help me out

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    Re: How to recognize DVD-RW in windows 7

    First of all you should go twice to check connection of cables and chips sockets properly, this kinds of error are mostly occurs when the connection of any cables or wires are not properly plugged into their sockets. This is not the booting problems of Windows 7 according to my experienced. Or it may be some driver version problems check whether your driver is updated or not however As windows is so advanced that whenever you tries to install any new devices it update the features automatically and install drivers for you, in case if the driver not found it informed you about this. And for that purpose your system must be connected to the internet.

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    Re: How to recognize DVD-RW in windows 7

    Try to connect your DVD RWs with other system, I mean to say that go to your friends or relative and try to connect your DVD-RWs with their system, if then also the same problems arise then there must be some defects in your DVD-RWs only. Not in Windows 7 and keep one thing in mind that you should connect your DVD-RWs properly or you can take the help of experienced guys.

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    Re: How to recognize DVD-RW in windows 7

    The following steps will help you out
    In the mounting slot, mount your CD/DVD-RWs properly, always make sure that the screw is perfectly fitted
    Now connect the drive IDE Connector with the IDE Cable, there should be perfectly match for your Connecters and Cables that is Pin1 of the connecter to be connected with the Pin1 of the cables
    You can select either primary or secondary IDE Socket
    At last power cable is to be connected with the power connecter, and the audio cables to the Audio-out Socket.
    After performing these steps you can go for the installation of the Drivers for your DVD-RWs.

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