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Thread: Number Keys on Right Side is not Working

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    Number Keys on Right Side is not Working

    hello friends from the few days i am having a problem that the number keypad which is located on the right side of the right of the keyboard is not working only i dont know what happen to them non of a single key is working when i press it just moves the mouse courser around up ,down ,right and left what is wrong with my keyboard please help...???

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    Re: Number Keys on Right Side is not Working

    follow the below steps :-
    • go to Start > Control Panel >Ease of Access >Ease of Access Center
    • over here select and click on 'Make the mouse easier to use'
    • below the mouse control with keyboard
    • unmark the check box
    •turn on mouse keys
    • click on apply and then ok

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    Re: Number Keys on Right Side is not Working

    take out all the batteries out the keyboard. inser them back over there after about 25 to 35 secs or place the new batteries all together.
    in case of of multimedia keyboards which got all the extra functions buttons. check if you gotten a software compact disc along with your keyboard check if there is restore
    button. click on > start menu>control panel>click on the keyboard icon>check the drivers>reinstall the driver. and check if there is any thing is there is to test or restore or
    if you have setup over there reset it.or check properly your num lock button it might get broke..

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    There will be "NumLock" key on the same keypad, SWITCH ON the NumLock key, you will get the right side keys to work again.


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