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Thread: System not detecting WD caviar green 2TB

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    System not detecting WD caviar green 2TB

    Hello friends I have just bought the new WD caviar green 2TB and I have been having the problem with this and really hating this thing and I wonder what went wrong? Please help me anyone else has ever faced any problem with this on the first of 2 day itself? Please help me suggest me something so that I can get some clue how to solve this.

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    Re: System not detecting WD caviar green 2TB

    Well if its just 1 or 2 days or even month why donít you contact your dealer he would be suggesting you something and that would be helping you to know what to do and do get late, I think they have been giving you a faulty disk and you need to get a replacement.

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    Re: System not detecting WD caviar green 2TB

    Hey you wont be getting a replacement from the dealer and I have faced this problem and you need to take it to the service center or talk to them and they would be asking you to bring it and they would be checking that out if it would be a manufacturing fault then they would be making a replacement and if not then they would charging you or may be doing the repair and then solve your problem and this would be a helpful step for you I have done the same and itís the best way.

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    Re: System not detecting WD caviar green 2TB

    Would like to get clear that have you checked everything that is it working in some other system or so just go to any of your friends and check it out if it is detecting in there pc if yes then there is some other problem in your system and if no then there is problem with your hard disk make this clear first.

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    Re: System not detecting WD caviar green 2TB

    WD not getting detected is not a new problem this has been a problem with quite few of them and this has many reasons many time many guys have been trying to have a 1TB 2 TB hard disk for their system and it is not been supported by their system and they donít mind it while buying and after that they have to suffer many of the motherboard canít handle this big memory specially the old motherboards I suppose. There are more reasons like the WD is having some problem of you need to upgrade your BIOS and all and the problem would be solved so you need to try that interchanging some of your peripherals and checking out who is actually creating the problem and when you would be knowing that then you can solve your problem by taking any major steps.

    So I would be even saying that if there is any problem been found by the Hard disk then without wasting time by going to the dealer and fighting for it you should visit the customer care or call them and ask what to do and then get helped by them.

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