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Thread: Only SATA II controller can detect WD1002FAEX

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    Only SATA II controller can detect WD1002FAEX

    System in question is a Dell Precision T3500, W3570 CPU, 12GB DDR3 PC3-10600 RAM, video HD5850, OCZ 96GB SSD as an operating system and applications drive. All internal hard drives are controlled by a pair of drivers ASUS U3S6. The DVD is controlled by integrated SATA controller (X58) as a 2TB external hard drive via the eSATA port provides the MB. ASUS controller 1 is now only controlling the OCZ Vertex. ASUS is the driver controller to Seagate Barracuda 2TB SATA III XT drive 0 and 1 as the unit WD1002FAEX During the POST driver ASUS adequately recognize the Seagate SATA III, WD SATA II is shown as. The second controller as adequately recognizes the OCZ SATA II. Why WD is not seen by the controller and SATA III? No jumpers are in place in the WD as my understanding is that the left does not bridged the unit must function in inhabitant mode SATA III, 6 Gb/sec. Any help in straightening this would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Only SATA II controller can detect WD1002FAEX

    I brought WD hard drive and got same difficulty. Somehow managed to get a supportive response. It seems that there were several lots of units sold had firmware misconfigured. This difficulty seems to be extremely precise firmware for the lots in question - the mine became 00Y9A0 which is one of the 5 or 6, so done.WD has a batch file that repairs the crisis. The solution provided will not run in a DOS shell so you will be able to reach a prompt from 32 bits to implement. It also appears that the proposed solution only to find the target for HD as drive C, and in my situation is not found when connected to a SATA III. This is also a known "bug" in some cases with certain combinations of motherboards and drivers.

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    Re: Only SATA II controller can detect WD1002FAEX

    Here is a little tutorial to correct the difficulty
    1. First format you usb key in fat. Make an usb boot drive with a tool like unetbootin.
      Select FreeDOS which is a free MS-DOS version which contains sata drivers.
    2. Copy the file "WdSSpd.exe" on it.
    3. Shutdown computer
    4. Unplug sata3 cable and connect a standard sata cable. Connect them to a sata2 controller on your motherboard.
    5. In the bios, you need to describe your sata controller in "enhanced" or "AHCI" mode, not "IDE"
    6. Boot on the key, run "Live" mode. My usb drive was B: so type "cd B:" to access it.
      Run WdSSpd.exe and wait.
    7. All right, you will observe a message which indicates to reboot.
    8. If you were in sata "IDE" mode, don't forget to reset it for the reason that windows will not boot.

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